In the world of downhill winter sports, there have been just a few options for premium helmets and goggles. While there are some amazing options from the big players I have had a hard time finding a helmet/goggle system that really worked for me. I find that most of the mainstream systems don’t fit my head well and don’t have a lot of personality. This winter I ran into Glade and their amazing line of helmets and goggles. Based in Colorado,  the upstart company that’s built for skier’s by skiers.

Starting with the Ten Mile helmet, I had been searching for a helmet that had some real personality and didn’t look like I was about to pilot an F35. The Ten Mile takes styling cues from skateboarding helmets and has an awesome dark matte green finish. Instead of a complicated sliding vent system the Ten Mile is instead fantastically lightweight with a 10 vent,  velvet lined bit of heaven.  I have never worn or more conformable helmet and frankly forgot I had it on for most of the day.

Challenger GogglesA great helmet is one thing but the Challenger goggles are where Glade get’s serious. Most goggles don’t fit my face very well and I tend to ski trees and moguls () exclusivity I need something that works in lower light and gives me enhanced depth perception. Last season I went all in on a $250 pair of high end goggles that have been nothing but a disappointment . While they work well in low light they don’t fit as well as I want and they are constantly fogging and icing up. I took the Ten Mile helmet and Challenger goggles with me on a Cat ski trip this last weekend with my father. With 14inches of fresh snow we were expecting an epic day. What we didn’t anticipate was a warming trend that hit and we found ourselves with suprisingly good snow but poor visibility and very light rain. My father was using my $250 goggles from last year so i could test out my new Challengers

Within 2 runs he was ready to call it a day because his goggles were totally fogged and actually icing up on the interior and he couldn’t see a thing. I skied the rest of the afternoon as I never had a bit of fogging or icing and while I couldnt’ see perfectly the light pink lenses of the Challenger made the low visibility bearable. After getting home I did some research and found out that the Challengers have one of the best Visible Light Transmissions (VLT) values of any goggle. Considering they cost Under $100! I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t give them a try.

The bottom line is this: If you want the best value in helmet/goggle systems you need to take a look at Glade. For less than HALF the price of my old system I have a system that note only feels amazing but it performs better and frankly looks cooler. Learn more at

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