Brenthaven laptop briefcaseLet’s face it. We are what we wear sometimes, and this sleek and comfortable messenger bag sends a contemporary and modern impression. My charcoal Brenthaven Collins Slim briefcase looks as hip and cool as ever as I stroll through airports with it slung over my shoulder using the adjustable strap or dangling over my rollaboard suitcase.

It can easily fit a MacBook Air 13″ or MacBook Pro 13″-15″. I admit that I am not cool enough to have a MacBook (and I am proud of it), but my Lenovo ThinkPad 15″ fits easily into the same supportive, foam-protecting slot.

The same padded pocket can hold a tablet device or even smart phone without concern for it to shift around. A front storage pocket is also great for storing smaller items such as keys, boarding passes, passports, or pens and notepads.

For a slim carrying case, I was quite surprised at the quantity of magazines and paperwork that I could stuff into the pocket without it feeling too bulky or looking stretched.

While this case would not work for some of my longer trips that see me gone for two weeks at a time, it is perfectly convenient for short trips where my load is light.

I think that we can all agree that our laptops are our most valuable commodity since they store so much of our information and work documents. At least for me, I could not survive happily without it, which is why seeking out the most protective, yet stylish, carrying equipment is paramount for my travels.

It comes in a variety of colors, and the metal strap provides a fine design accent no matter what hue you select. Brenthaven has always provided solid value for my money, and this briefcase will not disappoint.

It retails for only $79.95 on the Brenthaven website, on Zappos, and on Amazon, which is surprisingly affordable for this well-known brand name.

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