Patagonia CragDaddy 45L

Patagonia CragDaddy 45L Practical Travel Gear

The Patagonia CragDaddy is a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and climbers for schlepping gear to climbing routes. It can easily hold ropes, racks, draws, and all your food and layers for the day, with plenty of pockets to keep things organized and a well-fitting shoulder harness to keep the load bearable. But what if you're not a climber? Buy the CragDaddy anyway, and be a poser like me.I never climb, but I love the CragDaddy for weekend trips during which wheeled luggage would … [Read more...]

Arc’teryx Covert Case

Arc’teryx Covert Case Practical Travel Gear

Hard-sided luggage certainly can protect your valuables from getting smashed, but when it comes to carrying your bag around, you pretty much have to rely on the hard-sided case’s wheels. There may be some that convert to backpacks, but imagine shouldering the load from airport to city, including at least 10 city blocks. Do you really want a hard case on your back?The Arc’teryx Covert Case is billed as a carry-on-sized soft case, and it’s easy to tote about—whether hand-held, shoulder bag, or … [Read more...]

Travelon 18″ Wheeled Suitcase Carry-On

Travelon 18" Wheeled Suitcase Carry-On Practical Travel Gear

Eager-to-check gate agents are everywhere. Some airports even have third party controllers monitoring carry-on bags before security. Sure, some people abuse the system, but we all know that the airline bag sizers are ridiculously small. Frequent travelers know what reasonably fits without taking up too much space that is designated for many people.For some people, walking long distances through an airport lugging a messenger bag or briefcase can be painful. The Travelon 18” wheeled suitcase … [Read more...]

MIU Color Packing Cubes

MIU Color Packing Cubes Practical Travel Gear

We've reviewed quite a few packing cubes on Practical Travel Gear. By this time, these packing aids have been around a while, and if you travel with any frequency, you either love them and use them religiously, or don't get what all the fuss is about. I fall in the former category, so I was happy to try MIU Color packing cubes and see how they stand up to a multi-flight travel day followed by 10 days in Hawaii.How are they different than all the rest? First of all, I love that the MIU … [Read more...]

Behold the Intelligent Suitcase: Bluesmart

Behold the Intelligent Suitcase: Bluesmart Practical Travel Gear 2

Imagine if your dumb ole suitcase could wake up and do more. What if it could weigh itself, tell you where it is, lock remotely, and charge up your phone in the airport? Would you line up to pre-order that? It's not science fiction, it's Bluesmart.We are not a "bleeding edge" gear blog where we drool over spec sheets and press releases about products that are a gleam in an inventor's eye on Kickstarter. We like to direct you to things that are easy to find in the marketplace and proven … [Read more...]

Mindshift Rotation180 Trail Backpack

Mindshift Rotation180 Trail Backpack Practical Travel Gear 1

If you, like me, are lazy about bringing your bulky DSLR camera on day trips and travel days because you get tired of stopping to take it out of your pack and put it back in, get ready. In about three seconds, you're going to ask yourself, 'Why didn't I think of that?'. Mindshift Rotation180 backpacks are fully technical packs with rotating camera compartments, allowing users to access cameras and other gear without taking the pack on and off.Here's how they work: a removable, rotating … [Read more...]

Eagle Creek EC Lync System Wheeled Luggage

Eagle Creek EC Lync System Wheeled Luggage Practical Travel Gear

Here’s the challenge: You’re packing only a carry-on bag. Do you bring a suitcase or a backpack? The suitcase allows you to take nearly everything you want, but it’s not as easy to bring things along on day trips. The backpack allows you to bring most of what you want and use it on day trips, but you have to always carry it on your back.Suitcases that convert to backpacks are becoming more and more available. Earlier versions weren’t always the most comfortable, but now that brands are … [Read more...]

Serious Anti-theft Suitcase: Toursafe EXP21 from Pacsafe

Serious Anti-theft Suitcase: Toursafe EXP21 from Pacsafe Practical Travel Gear 1

Have you ever had something disappear out of a suitcase? Have you been the victim of baggage theft, like from the months-long campaign that ended in multiple arrests at LAX Airport earlier this year? Or New Orleans?No system can completely protect you, especially if the ones doing the stealing work for the TSA, but this Toursafe EXP21 sure throws up a lot of obstacles for anyone with sticky fingers. Most likely a potential robber will take a look at this baggage fortress and go try an easier … [Read more...]

Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Duffel 22

Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Duffel 22 Practical Travel Gear

No matter how many roller boards and carry-on luggage brands I try, I keep coming back to Eagle Creek. I'm convinced no one is making higher quality luggage within Eagle Creek's reasonable price point. And if I'm ever in doubt, Eagle Creek's  No Matter What warranty is there to back them up. In our family, we use our Eagle Creek Adventure Pop-Top and 2-in-1 backpack duffels at least once per month, and they show virtually no wear.The new No Matter What Flatbed Duffel, which comes in size … [Read more...]

Osprey Ozone Luggage

Osprey Ozone Luggage Practical Travel Gear

Packing is one of the least fun aspects of travel. Or, perhaps unpacking is worse. Let’s be honest—pretty much everything involving a suitcase is a major pain. But unless you’re so wealthy that you can keep a wardrobe in a handful of countries across the globe, you pretty much have to use something in which to pack your clothes. The Osprey Ozone line includes carry-on and larger sizes, and all have an aluminum frame and light chassis with large wheels to get you over terrain more rugged than the … [Read more...]