The weather is warming up and the campgrounds and public camping sites are gearing up for what is expected to be a busier season than last. If we have learned anything from the increase in outdoor recreation it is that one must be prepared for anything! Bring properly prepared is Uncharted Supply Co’s goal for their users. We carry their Triage set on our bikes and the First Aid Pro in our car. The latest addition to the car is The Zeus!

Year after year we attend the outdoor show and every year I have looked for a brand that has created this exact product. The Zeus does everything from jump starting your vehicle to lighting the way to and from the tent, charging your devices and can run your DC power tools. The Zeus can be a portable DC output for power tools up to 180W.

What’s Inside

  • The Zeus power system
  • Nylon hard shell carry case
  • AC/DC wall adapter
  • Car charger
  • Jumper cables
  • Three way USB charging cord (Mini USB/USB-C/iPhone)

The jumpstart for us is a must have. When traveling with our older truck, we are constantly checking to make sure all the interior lights have been turned off as to not run the battery down. Unfortunately, we have been caught twice with a dead battery because of an interior light being left on. When traveling with kids, these things are going to happen. Last year, our oldest decided that he wanted to have a nightlight outside and turned on the truck’s cab light so he felt safer. Did he have access to flashlights and the 293574 billions stars in the sky as a natural night light? Of course. But he is a kid and one that is scared of the dark.

So, the next morning, as we are packing up and cooking breakfast, we realize what has happened. Mom and Dad then head to the highway and try to flag down a passerby for a jump. Getting someone to stop has become harder over the years, couple it with COVID19, and it took two hours before a sweet old farmer and his Mini Australian Shepard, Aspen, came to our rescue. Thanks again, Wallace.

Have you ever been caught with a dead battery in your while parked in the garage? What a pain that is to jump the battery! The compact size fo the Zeus allows you to hook up the battery right there and BAM! you are good to go without having to bother a neighbor or call for a jump. The Zeus supports both Gasoline and Diesel vehicle with a 12V battery.

The rechargeable and compact Zeus fits easily under the seat of the truck and my explorer. With the variety of uses, we can ensure we have a jumper, a necessary flashlight and a power bank. The Zeus comes fully charged and lives in its own carrying case that holds the various adapters. Dual USB ports can charge devices while the flashlight is can be used as a SOS light.

The Zeus does need to be recharged after use, especially after jumping a vehicle. Charge time is minimal and it’s easy to plug it in overnight and have The Zeus ready to go when you are! It does come fully charged out of the packaging.

The quality of the Uncharted Supply Co has really impressed us. While we might not need their gear everyday, we have it with because it can be trusted to do the job when we do need it.

We recommend this product to the outdoor enthusiast, the college kid, the car camper, the boater and the family down the street. Father’s Day is about a month away from now!

Cheaper than calling roadside assistance and definitely much faster! You can find The Zeus on the Uncharted Supply Co website. It retails for $150.00.

Quick reminder that a tow can average $250.00


Safe Travels!


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