The Zenbivy Ultralight Quilt and Sheet system has received high praise for its innovative design and comfort. Users and reviewers have highlighted its versatility, modularity, and comfort, making it a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts. This Spring, Zenbivy is set to release its newest offering in the Ultralight world- Zenbivy Ultralight Quilt + Sheet. 

The Zenbivy Ultralight Quilt + Sheet system stands out from other ultralight sleeping systems due to several key features that enhance comfort, versatility, and functionality. Here are the standout features of the Zenbivy Quit + Sheet:

  1. Patented 2-Piece Design: The Zenbivy system features a unique 2-piece design where the quilt attaches to a sheet with a built-in draft shield, allowing the quilt to “float” and provide a cozy sleeping experience.
  2. Innovative Attachment System: Unlike traditional backpacking quilts with straps, Zenbivy sheets have an integrated hood to insulate your head and feature lightweight clip attachments for easy setup and comfort. Clips are color-coded to make it easy on any user.
  3. Versatility and Adaptability: The Zenbivy system offers versatility in adapting to different temperature ranges. Users can open the quilt flat for warmer nights or cinch it around them for colder weather, providing personalized comfort and warmth.
  4. Comfort and Warmth: The Zenbivy Light Bed 25 Bundle includes features like an insulated hood, vertical baffles around the upper body, horizontal baffles around the foot box, and a patent-pending “Kylie Curve” design that maximize thermal efficiency and ensure warmth and comfort during sleep.
  5. Quality Materials: The Zenbivy system is made from high-quality materials like 10D Pertex Quantum fabric, 900 fill ExpeDRY down, and lightweight clip attachments that contribute to its durability, warmth, and comfort.
  6. Innovative Design Philosophy: Founded by Michael Glavin, Zenbivy focuses on creating comfortable alternatives to traditional mummy bags by incorporating innovative designs like the Backcountry Bed System and the Zenbivy Light Bed series.

Weights for the Zenbivy Ultralight Quilt ranges from 1lb to 2 lb 2 oz depending on the insulation. The Zenbivy Ultralight sheet ranges from 2.7 oz to 6.9 oz and is again dependent on the insulation level.

The Ultralight Quilt retails for $409 and is available in 25 or 10 degree down. Three sizes are available for your specific needs. The Ultralight Sheet is available in Uninsulated, 25 or 10 degree down. Look for the release of these new products in early April 2024. Don’t forget to add on the recommend 7L Dry Sack and compression caps for storage when not in use.


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