Zenbivy Light Quilt 10* Degree


As I first placed my hands on the Zenbivy Light Quilt 10 degree, I was astonished at how incredible the quality of this product is. It has the softest touch and feel which gives you the comfort you need in cold temperatures. I’ve never had a sleeping bag or quilt that felt this good and kept me warm. My first impulse was to snuggle up inside of it because of how amazing it feels. I am extremely satisfied with this Zenbivy quilt. It is the perfect product if you are looking for great quality, keeps you warm, and provides you with the freedom to sleep however you’d like.

The Zenbivy quilt is made from a soft 20D fabrication and a premium 800 fill power Hyper dry down rounds. Most of the competitors on the market only use 10D fabrication which you can totally notice the difference. I have searched for sleeping bags all over the market and literally have never experienced a quality of product such as the Zenbivy light quilt 10 degree. It is super light for a cold temp sleeping bag and provides you with extreme warm and comfort. Finding a sleeping bag for cold temperatures and the ability of it being light to carry is hard to find. I am an avid backpacker and need the lightest gear possible. The Zenbivy quilt will finally provide me a way to backpack up in the wilderness when the temperatures are cold because of its lightness and comfort.

This Zenbivy light quilt 10 degree is designed for colder temperatures (3 season) or sleepers that get cold at night. It’s been recently cold up in the mountains of Idaho with temperatures reaching low 20’s. My first experience with the Zenbivy was at the base of the Sawtooth’s Mountains in Stanley, Idaho in the back of my car. I used the Zenbivy light sheet 10 degree and attached it to my existing Zenbivy sleep pad. I used all the loops and attached by quilt to the top of the sheet, and it worked with ease. I love how the new Zenbivy uses these loops to fully clip in instead of zippers. Zippers I always find, are hard to zip up late at night or always get stuck on pieces of the sleeping bag which make it hard to zip up. These clips are extremely easy to use and provide a way for you to still snuggle up when it gets cold. My first night with this Zenbivy quilt was an absolute success and I am beyond thrilled about how incredible the Zenbivy quilt worked

The best part about the Zenbivy quilt is it allows you to sleep no matter what your sleeping style is. I am a side sleeper and like to sprawl out at night. I’m tall, standing at 6’ 9” and every sleeping bag I have experienced in my life has been so uncomfortable, not breathable, and would not allow me to sprawl out like the Zenbivy quilt. Sleeping bags seemed like they were only designed for back sleepers. This Quilt finally gives me so much freedom to give me that opportunity to sleep any how I’d like.

I’m so happy with the products Zenbivy offers. It’s far beyond superior quality compared to the competitors. It’s designed with passion, creativity, and knowledge. The designers put a lot of integrity and creative ideas to develop such a sleeping device. I will never own another sleeping bag again after using the Zenbivy quilt. I highly recommend this product as it is truly worth every penny. It is the softest and most comfortable quilt/ sleeping device I have ever experienced in my life.

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