Xero Melbourne for home or travel

As we turn toward autumn, it’s time for me to spotlight a shoe that will transition with you beautifully from outdoor adventure to urban lifestyle and, in my son’s case, college campus. A long-time fan of Xero hiking shoes, he has been happily testing the new Xero Melbourne, which features the same minimalist features he loves while hiking.

The Melbourne is a lifestyle urban leather boot that looks great during a casual day on the town, in class, and while on shorter, urban hikes or strolls. You get the same 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber as Xero’s Z-Trek sandal, which was the selling point for my son. If you like that minimalist feel of Xero’s trademark ‘barefoot’ design, you’ll love this boot for when the weather turns chilly. But, you can also add the optional 2mm insole to give you less of a “barefoot feel” when you want or need it.

While substantial, this boot is really lightweight (the men’s size 9 weighs in at only 14 ounces) and you can wear these boots without socks…yes, you read that right. This is thanks to the instep straps that hold your foot securely, allowing freedom for your toes. Of course, you can wear socks if desired. Once we can safely travel regularly again, these boots will be perfect for air travel days, allowing your feet to retain circulation while being lightweight to pack, too.

You get Xero’s 5000 mile sole guarantee with the Melbourne, which you can pick up on the Xero website for $139.99.



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