Quick! Name a shoe that is perfect for hiking, water crossings and city adventures while still stylish enough that it can be worn to around town. If you guessed the new X-SCAPE BAJA from Decker’s X Lab then you already know how fun their new water and land shoe is and instead of reading this post you should brag about it on your Insta. However, if you guessed another brand that advertises how great they look in socks, pull up a chair because you need a reeducation on fashion and function.

The Deckers X Lab X-SCAPE BAJA looks like a tennis shoe but functions like a sandal. The anatomically molded footbed supports the whole foot, not just the arch, during your adventures. The upper is a holey sugarcane IM-EVA molded frame with moisture wicking tongue and laces. The healthy amount of holes throughout the upper frame allows for drainage but also air flow through the shoe. The sugarcane IM-EVA feels as if it wouldn’t breathe well without this ventilation.

What I really like about the X-SCAPE BAJA is the smart design of drainage. I have been sent other shoes that were advertised as being great for water and land but the sole of the shoe would be as holey as the top. This design oversight lead to rocks and other debris getting stuck in the sole and making it hard to walk in. The toes box on the X-SCAPE isn’t as generous as other brands, but there’s enough room to splay toes out while hiking. The texture on the sole is well designed as well. You know that it is there and it aids in traction without rubbing on your feet. Traction on the outer sole is nice. I wouldn’t rely on these to help me scramble up a slippery rock face, but for mild-moderate hikes with water crossings, the X-SCAPE BAJA would definitely do the trick!

I am also in love with the style of this shoe. Whether you have jeans shorts or a summer dress on, these can pair well with just about any outfit! I have the white on white but I am also digging the marbled beige and white combination. I find the fit of Deckers shoes to be true to size and the 7.5 fits perfect in the BAJA. These shoes are also unisex and can be ordered off the Deckers X Lab website. They retail for $69.00.

Safe Travels!


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