With summer plans in full swing and get togethers a plenty we are on the hunt for gear that can go where we go and bring a little party with! The WynoBago is just the thing to bring along on hikes, picnics, boating and to your favorite outdoor festival.

Lighter and far more practical than a growler or bottles, the WynoBago allows the user to carry up to four 3L bladders. These bladders are reusable and washable! The WynoBago allows for us to bring something for everyone. Because we are a small family, we need to bring with kid friendly drinks as well as adults drinks. This is how we loaded our new WynoBago for our day trip and boating:

  • 3 reusable ice packs
  • 1x 3L Bladder filled with Gatorade
  • 1x 3L Bladder filled with Rose from Reverly Vintners in Walla Walla, WA

Between the 6 adults and 3 children, the WynoBago bladders kept us all happy with our respective drinks for a long day of boating and playing in the sand. Six hours later, all of our drinks were still cold! We even stressed test the cooler aspect of the WynoBago by leaving it out in the sun for the majority of the day and were pleased with how it performed in the 90 degree weather.

The WynoBago has two handles in addition to the backpack straps that allow you to easy secure it to your boat, raft, paddle board or ATV for transportation when you are not wearing it. External mesh side pocket is a great place to store drinking glasses. No need to bring a wine key or cart around an empty bottle anymore!

The bladder spout is easily pushed through its designated opening on the side and the secure spout doesn’t allow for any leaking. If you are traveling over rough terrain or aren’t going to drink right away, you can always leave the spout in the main compartment until you’re ready for cool and delicious refreshments.

After a weekend of activities with the family, this little cooler performed better than I was expecting. From boating to hiking and lounging around waiting for the fireworks to start, we definitely didn’t go thirsty! The gray color of the WynoBago hides dirt and stains from use and the back pack straps shorten enough for the kids to carry. We found the icepacks to fit nicely in their designated pockets and the reusable bladders were easy to clean and store.

If you’re a Wyno you can easily insert the bladders from your favorite box wine and leave the WynoBago bladders at home. Black Box has never looked as good as it does in a WynoBago cooler. Grab a WynoBago for yourself and that one friend who has a boat because you will always be good for bringing drinks if they buy the gas.

For traveling, the WynoBago easily compresses down for packing into your suitcase or it can double as a packing cube! WynoBago is available for order on their website and shipping was fast! Wynobago complete set retails for $39.99. This includes, the Wynobago beverage cooler, 3 ice packs and 1 reusable bladder. Additional bladders and ice packs are available as are collapsable wine cups on the Wynobago website. At the time of this post, you can save an additional 10% on your WynoBago beverage cooler with code: SUMMER2021.


Safe Travels!

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