2019 provides 365 opportunities to try something new or to make better something you already enjoy. Why not make it the year to step up your comfort with Wūru Wool?

Wūru Wool is a product of comfort that was born on the trail of the Milford Track when two Americans went looking for relief from the long and arduous daily trek.

Conscious of sustainability, Matt and his bride, Kathryn asked their trail guides about a solution. Emphatically, the guides turned the honeymooners onto the organic and sustainable wool from the many sheep that inhabit New Zealand.

We received the Wūru samples the night before we left for our annual ski trip and I threw in the beautifully packaged wool to take along.

Loose wool? As a fellow seasoned traveler, you may ask “WHY?”. Friend, there are times where the standby Merino Wool sock just can’t hold up as much as you need it to. We have some of the best socks money can buy and the Wūru Wool came in like a knight in shining armor on our last ski trip.

Made for Travelers of all Ages

Let me explain. Over the last couples of years, the husband and I have been upgrading our gear as our expertise has increased and we are becoming more adventurous with the children. That being said, we are pretty dialed in and happy with our gear. That leaves the children to the runt of rental gear and boy, did it bite us in the butt this year!

Beautiful, soft wool from Wuru Wool

Taos, NM was the first skiing we had this season and so we couldn’t take out the gear we had rented for the kids before we traveled down.Their boots fit well in the store and at home but as the first day came to a close, both complained of sore ankles and calves. Racking our brains for solutions without shelling out hundreds of dollars for new gear I grabbed the Wūru Wool.

We applied a healthy amount to the ankles and heels of both kids. The Wūru Wool is to be applied to the affected area and the sock pulled over. A little tricky with ski socks but we made it happen!

The next day there were no complaints about sore ankles. The only complaint we had from them was the lack of whipped cream on their hot chocolate. Parent win. In addition to the pain relief (better than the adhesive bandage) and blister prevention, the wool aided in moisture wicking and kept the kid’s socks dry and stink free.

There is a generous amount of wool in each 0.75-ounce bag- enough to cover 4 ankles a day for 6 days. According to the website, each bag contains enough 100% New Zealand wool for 20-30 applications to affected areas. Don’t fret about tossing out the wool after use. It is humanely gathered from New Zealand sheep who literally produce it in their sleep.

Check Back Later

We have one more bag of the Wūru Wool in our gear closet ready for action. The bags are incredibly light and can easily be packed into your gear bag, backpack, glove box or separated out and store in a pocket of your travel bag.

I am excited to check out Wūru Wool this next year and bring you an update of all the uses we have found for it.

You can find it on the Wūru Wool website and on Amazon.com. The lightweight bag retails for $10.95 on both.

Happy New Year!


Safe Travels!