Dare2B makes some of my favorite affordable travel and outdoor wear for women and kids, so I was pumped to see their running and exercise tights and bras featured for a very affordable price.

I am not one who needs my exercise wear to match or coordinate, but if you like to look good while running, hiking, or at the gym, Dare2b has you covered in that regard. I like the coordinating tights and bra because I can easily reach for the exact same exercise wear while packing for any trip.

I traveled for a week recently during which I was staying in hotels every night and using hotel gyms and brought the Dare2b women’s Eclectic tight and Outstretch bra. Here’s what I thought:

First, the Eclectic Tight: I’m picky about running tights, because I need them to be stretchy enough to feel like I can breathe, and of course, they need to NOT sag, right?

I have to say, the first time I wore the Eclectic Tight, I was pleased to find good stretch, even though they looked pretty narrow and tight, but they did sag a bit when I started running on the treadmill.

I was really bummed, but…after that first wear, they no longer sag down. I guess I stretched them into the shape they need to be to stay up on my hips and thighs. Hopefully others experience the same.

I love the bright colors of this tight…it’s truly fun to wear. They’re quick-drying, which is essential in a tight I pack to wear multiple times per vacation, and the length is 3/4ths, my favorite for indoor workouts.

You get deep elastic in the waistband and flat-locked seams that don’t bug you at all when you’re exercising. I also really like the hidden key pocket.

Pair the tight with the Outstretch Bra: Obviously, you don’t have to pair them, but you’ll look pretty swanky if you do. The Outstretch Bra comes in the same pattern and I like that it’s substantial. You can definitely wear it without a top over it if you feel comfortable with that, because it is generous in length and has fun crisscross back straps that give it a finished look. It would do well as your only top in a hot yoga class.

It’s made with heat-busting, sweat-wicking fabric that’s still soft and stretchy. I found the elastic to be less forgiving when getting the bra on and off, but I have wide shoulders. Once on, it was comfortable for me.

The bra is odor-absorbing, and I found I could wear it multiple times on a trip between washes if I rinsed it out and set it to dry by the sink in my hotel room. Pick up both pieces for under $55, a rare deal!

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