Muck Liberty:

I’m headed to Germany in winter. Christmas markets and city streets are not guaranteed to be snow-free, but I don’t want to bring a bulky winter boot in my luggage. What to do? Muck, one of my favorite brands for work and chore boots back at home, offers up the Liberty waterproof ankle boot, which combines Muck functionality and practicality with a full-grain stylish leather design. It features a neoprene tongue and full neoprene lining (that’s the functionality part) with a fun leather strap design on the outside (that’s the style part). You get a molded PU footbed that cushions your step, making this boot a contender for walking around European cities.

Muck Liberty boot

The entire boot is waterproof, and while it’s slightly heavier and bulkier than I’d like, its buckle and leather strap detail allows it to blend well with both leggings and tights and jeans or casual pants.  The stacked 1.25″ heel adds an element of sophistication and it’s easier than it looks to slide this boot on and off. I wear mine with fairly thin wool socks, because the boot itself is so warm and waterproof. It’s ankle length, but significant enough that I feel like I’m well protected.

Pick up a pair of Muck Liberty leather boots in either black or brown leather, or opt for their rubber version if you don’t want the leather look. These boots will set you back $155 on the Muck site, or you can find a pair for a similar price point on Amazon.

LOWA Walker GTX:

Don’t need an outright boot? Try a waterproof shoe instead. The Walker GTX offers the protection and warmth you need, without the full boot look. It’s lightweight, looks more like a lifestyle sneaker than a boot, and includes a sole that’s designed for speed hiking, so you know it can get me around the city just fine. Plus, it’s versatile: I can wear this shoe in the hotel fitness room if I need to, cutting down on packing. You get a nice embossed nubuck upper and it’s waterproof and breathable. This classic shoe will work for you for many years without going out of style, making it a good investment piece. The lining is GORE-TEX, so you know you’re covered there.

Pick up a pair for $220 on the Lowa site in three colors, or find it similarly priced at other online retailers.

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