Wolverine Men’s Montague 1000 Mile Chelsea Boot

Wolverine Men's Montague 1000 Mile Chelsea Boot | Practical Travel Gear

Chelsea BootThe Wolverine Men’s Montague 1000 Mile Chelsea boots are a stylish must-have for the modern business traveler. They are comfortable for walking in long distances and pair easily with formal attire or the more casual jeans-and-blazer look.

Wolverine is often known for a more rugged look of footwear, but they have several pieces in their repertoire that are especially contemporary. The Montague is based upon the traditional Chelsea boot, which is becoming especially popular in the professional workplace.

The rubber base means these will keep you from slipping on slick surfaces and work well no matter what the weather. I often get warm when traveling, but found these boots to be conducive for warm and cool weather locales. My feet would not get too hot (or sweaty) despite constant walking, and the padding at the bottom of the shoe was especially comfortable.

I also liked the rubber sole that was not too loud when walking on hard surfaces. I find that some boots or professional loafers can almost be too loud when walking.

Once I sprayed the exterior with a leather protectant, I didn’t have to worry about them becoming stained or discolored. They did scratch a bit at the tips with constant wear from getting in and out of taxis, trains, or just being scuffed with daily use. But, nothing that a decent shoeshine can’t cover up. Perhaps that is because the hand-crafted leather is of such good quality.

The interior of the boot features a sheepskin lining, which is soft to the touch. Even when on your feet for hours at a time, the support of these boots is a solid blend of form and function.

A high sole also gives the Montague a modern look, and the side vent panels keep your feet cool when walking. My favorite feature is that these are easy to slip on and off. No zipper or straps to mess with so that I can quickly remove them at security or when on an airplane.

Most days, I am wearing these boots, and they have held up extremely well despite constant use. They retail for $295, which is a symbol of the craftsmanship and materials, at outlets like Amazon or Zappos.