White Sierra Happy Hour Short-Sleeve Shirt | Practical Travel Gear
Photo credit, White Sierra

Photo credit, White Sierra

Casual wear that is lightweight, airy, and dual-purpose as business casual is the name of the game for carry-on only business travelers. White Sierra has designed a button-down, short sleeve shirt that ticks all of those boxes. It works in a variety of clients and in a multitude of settings whether for casual walks, meals with colleagues, or as loose-fitting travel wear.

In fact, the White Sierra Happy Hour name comes from the shirt’s everyday use; it’s something you can wear to happy hour at the bar, to a game, or to an informal client meeting if tucked in to your pants. The brand is known for its indoor-outdoor durability and comfort, and this shirt can pair well with pants or shorts in a variety of situations.

The cotton fabric breathes easily keeping you cool in especially warm climates, and it is soft to the touch rather than itchy the way some cheaper cotton blend material can be.

It comes in a variety of color patterns, all bearing the same signature plaid look. A small pocked on the chest is great for smaller items, but it is also thin and unobtrusive. Some shirts have chest pockets that stick out, but this one is barely noticeable.

The shirt is hemmed at the bottom so that it can be worn untucked without appearing messy. It makes a great alternative to a suitcase full of polo shirts. This comfortable, every man’s shirt is great to travel with as it takes a lot to get it wrinkled and it takes up very little space in a suitcase. It retails for about $30 on the White Sierra website or on Amazon.