The days are long past when we thought compression legwear was for athletes or health concerns like lymphedema, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), or pre- and post-surgical applications. And compression socks have grown up, too, with a variety of support levels, from everyday wear to medical grade. There are also a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles—using fabrics from nylon to cotton and merino wool.


Since I broke my leg a few years ago and wore medical compression socks during recovery, I’ve added to my compression sock collection for a variety of uses, from walking and hiking to long-haul flights. I’ve been especially impressed with Vim & Vigr for their wide variety of styles and support levels.


Why should you care about getting compression legwear? Graduated compression energizes your legs, reduces swelling, eases discomfort, aids in muscle recovery, alleviates achiness and heaviness, and protects the overall health of your legs. The socks apply therapeutic pressure, starting at the ankle and gradually eases up the leg. By squeezing the leg in this way, the legwear can help increase the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood back to your legs, getting rid of swelling achiness, fatigue, and discomfort.


The Vim & Vigr 15-20mmHg Mountain Sun Socks, for example, uses a custom nylon blend (91 percent nylon, 9 percent spandex) and has a seamless toe. The socks are soft, and offer mild-to-moderate compression for everyday wear—whether you’re working at your desk or on your feet, walking around town, or sitting on an airplane. The retro-style mountain sun graphic adds a dose of fun.


The Vim & Vigr 15-20 mmHg Compression Leg Sleeves are made with the same nylon blend and are ideal for athletes who need sport-specific footwear, but also want the benefits of compression. They’re also cooler and excellent for warm-weather wear. Don’t choose these for more sedentary activities like travel, as they’re not as effective at preventing swelling throughout your leg.


For the right sizing and compression level for you, consult the Vim & Vigr size chart. After that, enjoy scrolling through the styles and colors before choosing your ideal socks, sleeves, or even tights. Generally, prices range from $24 to $54, but many socks are on sale right now, and you can get them for less.

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