Let’s face it, I (like many frequent travelers) rely regularly on coffee when crossing time zones. That’s why I was especially intrigued to test out Verve Coffee Roasters new partnership with Dripkit.

From Brooklyn, Dripkit allows you to use the coffee packs anywhere you can get ahold of hot water and a flat space to prepare a fresh cup of coffee. If you can make a cup of hot tea, then you can make a cup of Verve coffee with the Dripkit. It comes with two blends: Seabright House Blend and Ethiopia Duromina.

Each of the Verve Dripkit packages contains 15 grams of freshly roasted Verve coffee, which for specialty fans is the same style of beans served in the many Verve coffee shops around the country and that can be purchased on the Verve website. With this kit, all you need to do is pour hot water over it and allow it time to steep to experience the same type of coffee that you would without having a traditional brew. You have to pour the hot water over the coffee three times for the maximum strength and taste although I suppose if you want something later, two pours would be just fine.

At first, I was concerned the coffee would seem watered down or not as hot as I like it. If you allow enough time for preparation, the cup can be as strong as you like it and the water stays hot as long as it was piping hot to begin with. On my second try, I started to feel like my own personal barista and have also started to travel with my own thermos so that I can keep it hot when on the go. The taste was just as good as what you might get from a professional machine, and I enjoyed the rich and intense flavor.

I also appreciated how easy it is to travel with these packets because they fit into any briefcase or purse pocket. There have been times when I was headed for a meeting, and I stuffed a couple into my blazer or pants pocket. Since I travel with a carry-on only, it is important to minimize the extra stuff (and weight) especially if flying on foreign airlines, which are often keen on weighing even your carry-on bag.

Often when I travel, I look for a coffee shop or airline lounge where I can grab a cup of Joe. But, in many airports, there may not be a lounge, although there is almost always a place to get a cup of hot water (usually for free). After any redeye flight, this is the perfect option to stay awake (or at least perk up for a few hours). You can make a cup of coffee in a jiffy while waiting for your bags to come off the carousel or for your ride.

In the past, I have bought the soluble coffee packets from Starbucks, but I enjoyed the flavor of Verve coffee a bit more. These are great for picnics and other outdoor celebrations like going to the beach. There’s nothing to clean up after you finish making it. . The kit even comes with its own mug if you wanted to carry that around with you.

You can find Verve Coffee in hundreds of cafes and brew pubs around the country. If you’re interested in a quick caffeine fix, then this is a great option. It is a creative way to enjoy a cup of coffee from a boutique coffee company. The Verve Coffee Dripkit with five packages retails for $23 online and makes a great gift for those that travel frequently.

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