Upgrade Your BackYard BBQ Game In Time For Father’s Day

The world is slowly opening back up after a year of various lock downs. We are starting to hang out and socialize IN PERSON again! And, it feels amazing. Keeping our friends and family as safe as we can, we have begun to host weekly BBQs and have some suggestions to upgrade your backyard BBQ for the ultimate meet-back-up!

BREEO X Series Smokeless Fire Pit

We have cooked out on the Breeo X Series twice now and the patina finish is already starting to make itself known- it is going to be beautiful. We selected the 24″ so it would be slightly bigger than our 19″ grilling plate and would allow for additional people to sit around it. The 24″ X Series allows 3 to 7 people to sit around it comfortably.

See the full review HERE.

Hillsound BTR Stool

The 17″ BTR Stool can hold up to 240 lbs but the stool only weighs 14.1 Oz. Thats less than ONE POUND! The tripod design comes with a 14″ or 17″ 100% nylon seat that is removable and washable. The Aluminum Alloy legs easily extend with one hand and when the seat is opened a Phantomlock engages and secures the legs in place while you enjoy the scenery. Setup of the BTR Stool is less than 5 seconds. Quick seating for additional guests!

See the full review HERE.

Miir 64 Ounce Growler

Drink ware that is as handsome as Dad? We gotcha covered with Miir’s new 64 ounce Growler! Miir’s beautifully designed growler is sure to please with its pressure locking lid, Thermo 3D double wall vacuum insulation and beautiful hardshell powder coat finish. This growler keeps it’s promise when it comes to keeping warm stuff warm, cold stuff cold and carbonation at its best.

Fill with your favorite brew, kombucha or water for all day thirst quenching fun.  The Miir 64 Ounce Growler retails for $54.95 on the Miir website  or Amazon.

MusiBaby Outdoor and Bluetooth Speaker

Small but mighty, the MusiBaby Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker will get everyone into the celebration mood and might even spark a conga line! With 1500 minutes of playtime, this easy to use and perfect for travel speaker will keep playing until the sun comes up. We suggest Hip Hop BBQ radio on Pandora for that!

Musibaby is also waterproof so let the kids play their favorite tunes while you turn on the sprinklers and relax with a favorite beverage in hand and toes in the kiddy pool.

Musibaby retails for $27.99 on Amazon.com.


Dog Fish Head Beer

Hazy IPA for all your backyard brewskie needs! Dog Fish Head is a crowd pleaser and we are thrilled to work with them! Just as fun as the playful art on their cans, Dog Fish Head’s latest concoction involves OATS! Malted, rolled and naked oats brings this IPA to life with a fruit forward flavor and the finish of oats for a creamy finish. Be sure to grab the Miir Growler, because this beer is a must share with friends.

Check out their Box that Goes Boooom as well for some beer that goes well with music.


Outside Inside Games

Perfect for the backyard or wherever the road takes you! We have this Chicken Disc Battle Game and it is great for all ages! Easy to set up and take down, enjoy the outdoors with a little friendly competition. Losers clean up. Available on Amazon for $54.00. Outside Inside Games makes a variety of fun games that travel well!

See the full review HERE.

Cookware and Accessories

Cooking over an open fire requires a great cast iron pan and the right tools. Available on Amazon.com, the Veken Grill Set is a great kit to help you make a meal that will impress. With over 5oo 5 star reviews, this set is a steal at $21!

Well priced and a work horse, this Lodge cast iron pan is sure to get the job done! Sizes range from 3.5″ to 15″. We highly recommend the silicone handle cover to assist with the transfer of the pan. the 10.25″ skillet with silicone handle cover is only $22.97.

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