While 2020 seems to have stopped so many of us in our tracks, changed and cancelled plans, I have been able to find freedom and comfort in my Lily Trotter Signature Compression Socks. Yes, you read that right. Lily Trotter socks have put the pep back in my step and have made the long days at home and work a little easier.

Not me- but soon it will be!

On January 02, 2o2o I hit a patch of ice while skiing in Taos, NM. The resulting injury was a fracture to my right tibia plateau and full knee complex hyperextension with severe strains and sprains to all my knee ligaments. Two days into 2020 and I was already benched. I was used to HIIT workouts 5-6 days a week, working in the operating room 4 days a week and being generally active with my family. Needless to say, the lack of ability to do the things that I love created a dark cloud and depression was quickly setting in.

When I was finally given the OK to begin walking without support I couldn’t believe the weakness in my legs and how quickly I became tired at work, not to mention just walking the dog around the neighborhood. In trying to maintain my vein health, I tried to put on my go-to compression socks. I have compression socks for the OR and running but due to the location of my fracture, the top of the old socks lied directly across it causing severe pain and and zingers. My average surgical days are about 9 hours and because working with surgeons is already painful enough, I felt no need to add physical pain to my day. I began looking into other options for compression socks.

It was through Instagram that I found Lily Trotters and I must have watched their promo video 20 times to analysis where the sock height was going to be. I was really drawn to the scalloped top hem of the sock. So, I reached out and here we are!

The Fit and Feel

The Signature Compression Sock is lightweight and breathable. The tightest part of the sock is around the distal end of the calf, allowing for the blood to be circulated back up to the heart and not pool or add pressure to my lower leg veins. No one wants or needs varicose veins and compression socks have been proven as a way to help avoid them. Lily Trotter’s gradual compression is rated at 15-20mmHg.

Lily Trotter has designed their socks to be comfortable for long periods of wear. I easily wear mine for 8-10 hours a day without discomfort or becoming ichy. In other compression socks, I would have to invert the sock over my hand to start the process of getting into them or pulling them half way off between cases so my skin could breathe. Lily Trotter uses soft yarns with a weave that allows for the sock to be put on or taken off like a normal person.

Made in the USA

When I started researching compression socks and sleeves, I came across the Lily Trotter instagram account and instantly knew they would be a good fit for my needs. Lilly Trotters is a female owned business, made in the USA and comes in bright colors and patterns! Yes, Please.

While navigating Lily Trotter website, I noticed the Signature Compression Socks were taller on the models then my old pair looked on me and the scalloped hem at the top looked like a comfortable fit. The designs are bright, cheeky and easy to pair with scrubs or non athletic clothing- think under tall boots.

Getting Physical

During my workouts the moisture wicking keeps my legs looking and feeling cool. A cushioned heel and seamless toes ensures that I am comfortable and able to keep going without sock adjustments. Lily Trotter micro-nylon weave doesn’t feel slippery in my hiking and running shoes. This is really important for heel slip and especially now, feeling stable in my shoes. I appreciate how the Signature Compression Sock works with my shoes to get me through my workouts.

So, I meant it when I said Lily Trotter has put the pep back in my step and has been a big part of my healing both emotionally and physically. Given the gift to get back out into nature, take long walks with my husband and dog, return to work, and chase down my children while being able to go farther and recover faster from physical movement has made 2020 more tolerable.

Travel Not Required

With less of us taking long flights and traveling like we normally do, I want to remind you that compression socks are for car travel, office jobs, during and after your pregnancy, Costco runs, recovery from surgery, bikes rides, and for those days when you need to remind Netflix that, yes, you are still watching. (There’s no shame in binge watching.)

Where To Buy

Lily Trotter is available on their website and Amazon. Lily Trotter is available in the Signature, Crew and Calf Sleeves. While this is primarily a women’s brand, there are some options for men. Be sure to measure your calf circumference prior to ordering.

Lily Trotter has also just launched their BattleAxe print. BattleAxe celebrates what it means to be female. From the Lily Trotter site:

“Strong women should be celebrated and not demeaned. It’s time for women to reclaim this term and wear it as a new badge of honor! Say goodbye to its pejorative and negative connotation and say hello to a more enlightened representation of all who identify as women. We are powerful. We are warriors. We are unstoppable.”


Safe travels!