You know when you keep reaching for the same shirt in your closet day after day, but can’t even quite pinpoint why? That’s how it’s been for me all winter and into the early spring with United by Blue’s Tomek Relaxed Plaid shirt. I am quite simply in love with this long-sleeved plaid shirt. I’ll attempt to explain why (you know, since that’s my job).

The Tomek is not technically a flannel shirt; it’s lighter weight than a flannel, but it is still crazy soft. But it has slightly more structure than a classic flannel (it doesn’t sag on your frame at all), which means you can dress it up slightly more.

The Tomek has really nice lines: because of the slightly thicker texture than a true flannel, I get compliments on it all the time, that it looks nice on me. Despite its structure, however, it’s flexible and pliant. I never feel constricted in the Tomek.

While I usually wear it for casual travel–simple dinners out a brew pub or for apres-ski, on travel days when I may need to shed a jacket but want to stay warm on planes and trains, and the like–the Tomek could certainly transition to a light hiking shirt and be worn as a layering piece on camping trips.

You get a relaxed fit with this shirt, and it’s described as ‘oversized’, but don’t let that make you think ‘boxy’. I worried about this, but the Tomek is definitely not boxy.

It’s just roomy with a flattering line. Best of both worlds! There are chest pockets in the typical ‘plaid shirt style’, which button closed, and it comes in size XS-XL.

If you want it to feel a little less roomy, size down. The Tomek is $78 on the United by Blue site, and can be found on Amazon as well.

While you’re grabbing your Tomek, consider a nice layering piece from United by Blue as well, which will take you seamlessly into spring and summer. They have a plethora of fun graphic tees for women on the site, and most look great paired with the Tomek.

I opted for the moon cycle tee, which, at $36 gets you a shirttail hemline a v-neck in a relaxed-fit tee that is fun, just a bit funky, and practical.

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