The Sanuk Chiba Quest is an all-around shoe for your next adventure. A casual and comfortable shoe, the Sanuk Chiba Quest is perfect for the men and women in your life. I like to think of it as “Unisexy”.

I’ve spoken a lot about my son lately, mostly because he and I are now the same size. This includes shoes. The Chiba Quest is awesome for our household because we can take 1 shoe and share it. On the days I want to dress up with some heels to dinner, he can wear the Chiba Quest. Shoes take up so much valuable packing room! Chiba Quest provides a great solution when it comes to this family of four.

That Barefoot Feeling

The lightweight construction of the Chiba Quest and the groovy flex grooves gives you the feeling of barefoot walking. Allowing your foot to relax and feel the ground beneath you is important in foot placement and stability on unknown and rocky terrain.

Groovy Flex Grooves

The soles are EVA footbeds. Think yoga mat comfort. This level of comfort allows you to wear them for long tour days, on the cruise ship, on a paddle board, through cobblestone streets and even where the streets have no name.


The surf inspired look of the Chiba Quest is perfect for men and women. Colorways allow you to choose a color that speaks to you. The Brown/Orange Blanket is the loudest of the color choices. As I mentioned above, the shoe style is an excellent option for kids to adults.


Due to the unisexy design of the shoe, the Chiba Quest can run a little big. Only available in whole sizes, I suggest sizing down if you are in-between sizes. Size down even if you plan on wearing socks with them.


Chiba Quest can be put through a normal washing machine cycle to clean up the knit fabric on the top. NEVER dry them in a dryer. Earn points from Mother Nature by hanging them up or dry them outside. The heat from the dryer can easily shrink your Chiba Quest. No one likes shrinkage.


I discovered you can easily drop the heel and use the Chiba Quest as a slip on for airport security lines, at the beach or just roaming around the campsite. It was nice to have them as slip on shoes for late night bathroom trips while camping. The rubber wrap also covers the toe so the knit will stay nice.

Chiba Quest are ideal for finding a rock, getting your yoga pose on and then traversing a waterfall during your day hike.


At $85 the Chiba Quest are comparable to other travel shoes that may not pack the punch in comfort and style. The high quality of the upper knit, yoga-mat insoles, full length rubber outsoles and unisexy design make this shoe one that will last you for many adventures to come.

Chiba Quest Knit retails for $85. Students can sign up for a 10% discount on the Saunk website. Chiba Quests can be found on or Sanuk’s website. I did discover additional colorways on Amazon.

All shoes purchased on the website are guaranteed by the Sanuk warranty. The SANUK® warranty applies to footwear less than one year old from date of purchase. It applies to defective materials and workmanship.

Safe travels! 

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