The Zenbivy Ultralight Mattress is a remarkable addition to the Zenbivy product line, offering exceptional features for backpackers. Pair a well supported body with a Soft Top Pillow and you have the perfect foundation for an Ultralight Camping experience. With the introduction of the Ultralight Quilt + Sheet coming this April, all the Ultralight community has to be buzzing about the complete set up!

The Zenbviy Ultralight mattress stands out for its innovative design, incorporating mylar insulation that provides R5 warmth without the typical crinkly noise associated with ultralight mattresses already found on the market. The use of embossed 20D Recycled Polyester Taffeta adds durability and strength to the mattress fabric. Additionally, the Ultralight Mattress boasts supportive offset air cells, a flush high-speed valve, an included inflation sack, waterproof storage, and a tapered shape for ultra-compact packing. Compared to other Zenbivy mattresses like the Light Mattress, the Ultralight Mattress is even lighter and more packable, making it an ideal choice for backpacking adventures. It only weighs 1lb 1oz!

The Zenbivy Soft Top Pillow is a valuable addition to the Zenbivy sleep system, providing campers with a quality pillow option that aligns with the system’s modular and comfortable design philosophy. Priced at $65.00, this backpacking pillow offers a lightweight and comfortable solution for campers and backpackers. From the soft exterior of the fabric to the ability to change the density for that perfect head and neck support, the Soft Top Pillow compliments all the Zenbivy Sleep Systems. SoftTop™ Pillows include a down pillow topper, ultralight inflatable air bladder, and soft Pongee pillowcase.

All new 2024 Zenbivy Pillows come with a headboard clip to keep your pillow in place. All components to the Soft Top Pillow are available separately and tips and tricks to customizing your load and pillow are available on the website. They are also easy to care for as the pillow case is washable, the air bladder and down pillow topper wipeable.

The Zenbivy Ultralight Mattress retails for $199 and all products are available on the Zenbivy Website.


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