UCO Gear: Our Top Two Picks for 2019

UCO Beta: Affordable Illumination

UCO Gear is known for their amazingly lightweight and durable gear. One of our gear favorites is the Sweetfire Firestarter Pack. Another on our list of must haves is the UCO Beta Headlamp. The UCO Beta Headlamp is a 200 lumen variable brightness LED headlamp that fits into the size of your hand. The real wood inlay gives the UCO Beta headlamp a classy yet nostalgic look that will last far longer than the 3 AAA batteries it takes to run it.

The three batteries are included in the package of the UCO Beta Headlamp. The headlamp will run on high for 4 hours (200 lumens), 22 on medium (70 lumens) and 70 hours on low (15 lumens). With the batteries inserted the whole UCO Beta Headlamp weighs in at 1.8 ounces. The UCO Beta Headlamp is a handsome and the price… well, it’s tiny. At $25 this headlamp is the one you can buy for all the travelers in your life. The construction could stand up to the little travelers as well. The adjustable head straps are in fun, vibrant colors that will encourage anyone to take an adventure.

The UCO Beta headlamp is available to consumers. Get yours HERE.

UCO 4-piece Mess Kit: Practical Mess Kit for Everyday Meal Prep

The UCO 4-piece mess kit includes a plate, bowl, utility spork and a tether for the utility spork. The 4-pice mess kit is a great size at 8 in x 8in. I really like the included tether for the utility spork so you can keep your kit together and grab and go when needed.

The outside of the 4-piece mess kit is rubberized. You can place bowl tethered together or separated out onto most any surface and trust it will stay put as you enjoy your meal. The lid to the 4-piece mess kit can act as a plate while the deeper side is your bowl.

The good people at UCO even made sure the curvature of the bowl matches the Utility spork so you can get to every last bite and not look like a savage licking your bowl clean.

This always reminds me of Ralphie’s little brother in the Christmas Story, “show me how the piggy eats”. We occasionally let the kids eat their meals like that when we are away from others and there is a water source nearby to clean up at. Why not? When else will eating like a piggy with your face shoved in your plate ever be allowed?

Speaking of cleaning, the 4-piece mess kit is dishwasher safe, even the utility spork. Bye, bye germs. In case you are using the 4-piece mess kit for home lunches as well, it is good to go in a microwave.

We’ve tested out a couple meals in the mess kit. A majority of them have been more solid meals. The website says it is a leak-proof seal that keeps your meal inside the mess kit, but I haven’t been brave enough to test it out in my day back. We would love to hear your feedback on more saucier meals. But, if you are in the mood for some mac and cheese or good ol’ chow mien, this baby does the trick!

You can feel good about eating out of the 4-piece mess kit because it is BPA and phthalate free. It would be a great kit for the school aged kid in your house. The tether is simple to put together and the fact that the utility spork attaches could mean less loss of utensils in your house.

The UCO 4-piece mess kit can be found on their website or on Amazon.com. It retails for $14.99.

Safe travels!

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