Travel-Ready Phone Covers By GoCustomized

GoCustomized offers customized cases and covers for your phone or tablet, including the iPhone X and latest Android models. While certainly not alone in the customization space, I tried out GoCustomized and really liked how I could customize my iPhone case in as little as ten minutes, from my phone itself.

They have several options, from silicone cases to full-wraps to wallet-style cases that flip open, and all can either come with one of their offered designs (which includes motivational quotes, phrases, icons and graphics) or you can design your own and upload it.

You can also upload your logo for your business, a nice touch if you travel for work.

Instead of uploading a gif to use as a design, I decided to use one of their offered quotes, as it fit my travel lifestyle and the way I approach every trip I take.

I started by selecting my phone type and the type of case I wanted. I chose a wooden case in a slim style.

Then, the website walks you through the steps for customization (which is optional, by the way).

The website is easy to use, and it’s very WYSIWYG…no design knowledge required.

It took me to the screen below, where I could decide on my design. As I noted, I was done in minutes, and cases are printed and ship the same day.

There was a slight delay to receiving my case as I ordered during the busy holiday season, but it still only took a few days.

I like the look of the finished result, and the case fits my phone perfectly.

If you’re looking for maximum protection, this isn’t it: go with a case designed for serious protection if you need it.

Generally, I tend to wrap my phone in what amounts to bubble wrap and full armor because I’m hard on my gear, but on travel days, I prefer a lighter case so I can easily access ports, carry it in my pocket, etc. The GoCustomized case works well for me to travel with.

If you try it, know that the wooden case I choose was $19, and most cases on the site seem to be in the price range from $19-25, which is on par with others like it that do not have the option of customization, making it a solid value.


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