Glerups open heel slippers

Travel in comfort with Glerups Open-Heel Felt Slippers

Do you dream of leaving the house and heading to the airport in slippers the next time you go on vacation? No, not those flimsy white hotel slippers. I’m talking about cozy slippers that can double for cozy shoes when you’re on the road.

Lately, I’ve been traveling with my Glerups Open-Heel Felt Slippers.

Classic felted 100-percent wool boots have been made by the company since it was founded in TK. They’re hand felted, and part of the production is still done manually. Each style (low boot, shoe, and open heel) follows the natural contours of the foot, which ensures the slippers stay on and you don’t just walk right out of them. There are no added pieces to rub and irritate your skin. The wool isn’t scratchy or itchy, and it keeps my feet warm without being too hot.

Wool is ideal for temperature regulation, but it also has a great capacity to absorbing moisture, so sweaty feet don’t feel sweaty in these slippers. An added benefit is that wool is naturally antimicrobial, so your slippers won’t be all stinky, no matter how much you wear them.

There are two choices for soles. The standard sole is flexible, lightweight and slip-resistant natural calfskin. The rubber sole is grippy and makes it even easier to wear the shoes outdoors without worrying what you’re stepping on or in.

The Glerups styles are so simple that they don’t stand out as slippers or felt shoes when you’re wearing them. No need to feel like someone at the airport will call you out for being too casual.

The Glerups Open-Heel Slippers come in gray, charcoal, nature brown, purple, petrol, red, denim, and orange, and list for $95 on the Glerups site. The same slippers list for $135 if you choose the rubber sole. Shoe and Low Boot styles are available as well, depending on your personal preference.




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