Do you pack your favorites go-to workout clothing when you travel? Not all my trips are active ones. But I always bring at least one active wear outfit, so I can duck into the hotel gym, go for a run, take a yoga class, or do something else that reminds me that I need to be out and active even when the major focus of my trip is on something else.

My current go-to outfit comes from Body Glove’s Eco Collection. The different pieces in the collection are made in part from recycled polyester. There are so many possibilities for us to make changes in our lives that help the planet, rather than hurt it. And all those possibilities can sometimes be paralyzing, until you realize that starting slow is a perfectly acceptable route.

First off, the Danu Eco Tank is a relaxed-fit muscle tank with a striped mesh insert back for optimal breathability. On the front is a sunrise (or sunset, depending on the way you look at things) logo that says Create Happiness—a nice reminder that sometimes, your outlook is the momentum to make things happen. It’s a great example of casual in the front and workout in the back. I wear a wrap or zip-up sweatshirt over it when I want to go out before or after a workout.

Next, the Demeter Eco Legging, which is a high-waisted performance-fit legging that’s comfortable enough to hang around in after a workout to grab some meditation time, or even lunch. The side pockets fit cash, cards, hotel keys, and even a phone if you really want to stash your phone there.

Finally, the Gefion High-Support Sports Bra adjusts in the usual hook fashion around the back, but also in a 5-adjustment vertical strap, as well. The racerback bra gives a high level of support for all sorts of low-to-high-impact sports.

There are a handful of pieces in the Body Glove Eco Collection, but my favorite three are the ones discussed above: Danu Eco Tank (which comes in white, mocha, and moss colors) for $38, Demeter Eco Legging (which comes in mocha and moss) for $60, and Gefion Eco High-Support Sports Bra (moss or mocha) for $49. All are available on the Body Glove site.

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