Travel accessory you need: Royal Robbins Highlands Travel Scarf

Sometimes I come across a travel accessory that’s so much fun, and so useful, it becomes my go-to holiday gift for fellow travelers. Such is the case with the new Royal Robbins Highlands Travel Scarf. Why? This beautiful yet simple scarf can be worn multiple ways, for multiple uses. It needs to be in everyone’s carry-on bag for air travel days for sure!

How does it do it? The Highlands has five buttons and five buttonholes, all of which work together to style the scarf in a total of six configurations. At first, you’ll think, ‘how do I use this thing?’. But the photos on the Royal Robbins site help a lot. You can wrap it or knot it just like a regular scarf, of course, or you can create an infinity scarf. In addition, you can create a poncho-like wrap with it (this is my favorite style) or make it into a half-wrap with two sleeves (great for chilly airplane cabins). Lastly, you can make it into a full-on cardigan. It’s really remarkable, and so nice to just have one layer in my bag or backpack, knowing I can create several different looks.

The Highlands scarf is made of a Speckle Heather merino wool blend that I think it just the right weight. It’s not thin, but it’s not hefty, either. You get a great warmth to weight ratio and natural odor-fighting properties.

Pick one up at Royal Robbins for $50 in two colors, charcoal (which has stripes in red and cream) or heather (with stripes in charcoal, gray, and white). Both go well with multiple outfits. They’re often sold out, but get more in swiftly, and you can always look on Amazon or in your local box store as well. Definitely consider picking one or more up for the holiday season!



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