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Top Health and Wellness Products for Summer Travel

By Ramsey | August 4, 2022

Travel can be hectic on our body, our skin and our mood, but these health and wellness products can help.

Costa Salina Sunglasses

Costa Salina Sunglasses Combine Lifestyle With Performance

By Jill | April 22, 2022

Now that the sun is coming back into our lives from the shorter days of winter, it’s time to assess available eyewear. I’m pretty light sensitive, so I have a stash of sunglasses in many places: the car, the table in the foyer, my purse, and my shopping bag. There’s also a back-up collection of…

MiiR Climate+ Tumbler

MiiR Climate+ Line Minimizes Environmental Impact

By Jill | April 15, 2022

News of climate change is all around, and many consumer goods companies are making their own changes to minimize their inherent impact on the planet. An excellent recent example of a new offering by an existing brand is the MiiR Climate+ line, which consists of a 12-ounce tumbler, 16-ounce tumbler, and 20-ounce wide-mouth bottle.  …

Buff CoolNet UV Insect Shield

Buff CoolNet UV Insect Shield Is No Joke

By Jill | April 1, 2022

I promise, this is no April Fool’s post.   As many of us switch from winter to spring/summer activities, we find that we’re dodging insects in the outdoors. Buzzing around our ears and in our eyes. Biting our arms and our legs. Quite frankly, it bugs. Sure, there are sprays and zappers and even our…

Hydro Flask Slim Cooler Cup

Keep Your Drinks Cool with Hydro Flask 12-ounce Slim Cooler Cup

By Jill | March 18, 2022

There used to be a time when I’d tuck a koozy into my bag when traveling, because you never knew when you’d need one. Nowadays, they’ve become so ubiquitous that I can usually find one anywhere. The insulated sleeves designed to keep a can of beer or soda cool are perfectly low tech and easy…

Fighting Eel Neoprene Pouch

Packing Style with Fighting Eel Neoprene Pouches

By Jill | February 11, 2022

When I’m traveling to warm-weather destinations, I often trade my leather and heavy canvas tote bags and pouches for lightweight cotton and neoprene. When I’m really on target with my planning, that gives me a great tote to haul around the things I need by day, and a pouch that serves as a bag-in-a-bag organizer…


Hang it All with UTTy Gear Management System

By Jill | February 4, 2022

Whether you’re traveling or at home, space to store your gear isn’t always a given. We don’t all have a gear shed in the backyard, extensive space in the garage, or even a spacious hotel room or tent. When it comes to managing sports and recreation equipment and organizing adventure clothing and gear, options can…

Fend Antibacterial Hand Wipe Mitts

Sanitize Your Surroundings with Fend Antibacterial Hand Wipe Mitts

By Jill | January 21, 2022

A few weeks before Covid shut the world down in 2020, a fellow airplane passenger snarked at me for wiping down my immediate surroundings with an antibacterial wipe. While I’ve never really had a consistent practice of avoiding germs and bacteria (opening doors with my elbow, but also sharing drinks with friends), there are times…

Ruffwear Stumptown Quilted Dog Coat

Keep Your Best Friend Warm with Ruffwear Stumptown Quilted Dog Coat

By Jill | January 14, 2022

Unless you live in a place where snow is a regular winter visitor, it can be easy to forget that our beloved pup pals can need extra insulation beyond their fur when it gets cold. Certainly, some breeds like huskies already have all that insulation at birth, but other breeds may not be entirely comfortable…

Bucky Compact Wrap

Soothing Relief with Bucky Compact Wrap

By Jill | January 7, 2022

It’s a new year, and whether you make resolutions or not, we all need to take care of ourselves a little more. Sure, travelers can power through long flights, uncomfortable seats and beds, and adventures both good and bad, but our muscles remember it all. Why not be good to ourselves and let our bodies…