Travel Accessories

Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

By Ramsey | February 8, 2016

The Petzl Tikkina Headlamp is the perfect gift for a frequent traveler. The way it works is that it wraps around your forehead as a headband and illuminates the area that you are facing, which makes it great for outdoorsmen (perhaps its original intention), but also perfect for road warriors like me (and my associates).

Jlab Wireless Headphones

JLab Bluetooth Earbuds

By Tim Guill | February 4, 2016

Am I the only person that gets tangled up whenever I use my plug in headphones? It’s always a mess, and when I’m running I fear that I’m perpetually one movement away from my phone slipping out of my pocket (and of course, shattering into a million little pieces). And if that wasn’t enough, my…


Innate Deltos RFID Blocking Passport Wallet

By Amy | February 2, 2016

Innate is known for making quality travel gear that protects your valuables and keeps you organized. I’m not surprised they’re ready with RFID blocking technology. For a recent trip to Europe, I knew I needed a slim billfold that would house my passport and a few cards, plus have space for cash. I planned to…


Brunton Resync 3000 Mobile Charger

By Ramsey | February 1, 2016

The Brunton Resync 3000 is a pocket-sized charger that is great for those on the go and often away from the convenience of a power outlet. It charges devices via a USB port plus has a small solar Panel that can be used for recharging if the charge is already drained. That can really come in handy for a quick phone call.


STM Atlas iPhone 6 case

By Amy | January 19, 2016

My iPhone changes ‘clothes’ depending on my travel destination. For major outdoor adventures, you can bet it’s armored in a waterproof, shatterproof case, for instance, whereas on low key days, it needs only slim protection. Lately, my favorite case for light travel days or everyday use at home is the STM Atlas. The Atlas comes sized…


The Powerfilm Solar LightSaver USB Roll-up Solar Charger and Battery Bank

By Chris Guill | January 15, 2016

If you travel a lot and have been looking for an easy to carry, lightweight, and extremely effective way to charge your cell phone or other mobile electronic devices while on the go, then your search is over. The Powerfilm Solar LightSaver USB Roll-up Solar Charger and Battery Bank is the perfect solution. I am…


Scrubba Wash Bag

By Jill | January 15, 2016

This is not an exaggeration: I do hotel sink laundry on every single trip I take. Sometimes, it’s merely underwear and socks. Other times, I work in shirts and pants. Ultimately, I try to avoid packing too much and also try to avoid paying expensive hotel prices on laundry service (as well as extra time…

Timberland Cadion Digital Chronograph Watch | Practical Travel Gear 2

Timberland Cadion Digital Chronograph Watch

By Ramsey | December 21, 2015

The rugged Timberland brand has a lot more going on for it than meets the eye. Its collection of watches is designed for the avid outdoorsman that likes to wear his style on his wrist both inside and out.

The Timberland Cadion Digital Chronograph watch is easy to see in daylight with large numbers that do not appear faded when you look at them in harsh sunlight. In darker settings, the face can be illuminated to make it easy to tell the time. Of course, its large face makes it easy to see as well, and is in line with the latest trend of larger faces on men’s watches.

Review for BUFF Fall Product Line | Practical Travel Gear 1

Review for BUFF Fall Product Line

By Tim Guill | December 2, 2015

The new fall product line provided by BUFF is the perfect clothing and accessory line to get you through the winter feeling warm, cozy, and comfortable. BUFF uses innovative technology, the highest quality materials in their outerwear and their new fall product line is no exception. Let’s just start with their new hats. BUFF is…

Gerber Essentials Dime Travel Bladeless Multi-Tool | Practical Travel Gear

Gerber Essentials Dime Travel Bladeless Multi-Tool

By Ramsey | November 16, 2015

The Gerber Essentials Dime Travel Bladeless Multitool has a pair of scissors, bottle opener, tweezers, wire cutter, and even nail file.