Travel Accessories

CamelBak Eddy +

Drink Safely with CamelBak Eddy+ Filtered by LifeStraw

By Jill | November 26, 2021

Being confident about the safety of your drinking water while on the road often results in people buying water bottled in single-use plastic containers. To keep from adding to landfills and landscapes in countries that don’t have robust recycling programs, as well as minimize our reliance on plastic, it’s far better to pick up a…

Cuyana Tech Carryall

Keep Your Laptop Safe in Style

By Jill | November 19, 2021

For many years, I used a padded, neoprene case to add additional protection for my laptop when I traveled. When the zipper finally gave up, I had to shop around for a new case. I’d already become familiar with Cuyana and the brand’s philosophy of “fewer, better”—and the concept especially appeals to me as I…


10 Gifts for the Man in Your Life Who “Doesn’t Need Anything”

By Leah Guill | November 7, 2021

As the past gifts of automobile parts and toys, gift cards and neckties pile up in your house, you ask, “WHAT do you WANT this year?” only to receive the deflating answer of “nothing”. We share your frustration but hope we can help with some ideas that you (or him) haven’t thought of. So! time…


Mustang Survival Bluewater Roll Top Dry Bag

By Christian Parrott | November 2, 2021

The Mustang Survival Bluewater Roll Top Dry Bag is an incredible product that is built to last. I can tell by the quality of construction that this bag will last through anything. I’ve always been in the search for a dry bag that would withstand the beating of traveling through harsh conditions. I know for…

Slipsilk Sleep Mask

Lights Out with Slipsilk Sleep Mask

By Jill | October 29, 2021

On my last trip before the pandemic changed everything, I bought a new sleep mask. I’d been using the same one for years, and it was time to change things up. But because I only use a sleep mask when traveling, I’ve only been able to test the new one out recently, when I started…

Roll Recovery R8 Plus

Ease Your Sore Muscles with Roll Recovery R8 Plus

By Jill | October 22, 2021

If I could get a massage every day for the rest of my life, I really would. But because I can’t, I’m always looking for ways to ease my tired muscles.   The Roll Recovery R8 Plus is a deep-tissue massage roller that takes the work out of rolling out your muscles after working out…


Grizzly Wolf Grill

By Christian Parrott | October 18, 2021

The Grizzly Wolf Grill is an incredible grill that delivered a great tasting meal with an extreme amount of flavor. This grill has a sleek design that’s low profile, a lightweight design, and is made from 304 stainless steel which is durable and will rust resistant. It would be ideal for backpacking and hiking trips…


Catalyst Active Defense Influence and Vibe Cases for the iPhone 13 Series

By Ramsey | October 18, 2021

With the debut of iPhone 13, the new Catalyst Active Defense Influence Case for the iPhone 13 Series is ready and waiting to protect them. These expensive new toys require the type of case that will keep them safe. The Active Defense line of iPhone cases from Catalyst can do just that. The Catalyst Active…


myCharge MAG-LOCK Superhero Wireless for iPhone 12 and 13

By Ramsey | October 4, 2021

The myCharge MAG-LOCK Superhero Wireless for iPhone 12 and 13 is an ideal companion for those that want to keep devices fully charged. Often, travelers are far from a nearby outlet. The ability to charge a device remotely is important, and this power device is made especially for newer iPhones. While most of the newer…

man with ear buds

Olive Union Olive Pro Ear Buds

By Ramsey | September 27, 2021

Designed for people with mild hearing loss, the Olive Union Olive Pro ear buds can help boost your hearing and sound quality. They are not meant to be a hearing aid replacement. Instead, they serve the needs of those wanting to amplify sound without paying a fortune for hearing aids. The Olive Union Olive Pro…