tortuga-packable-daypack-pouch-vs-backpack_1024x1024If you are looking for a lightweight, small bag, the Tortuga Packable DayPack is your best bet. Often, I find myself at a crossroads looking for something professional while also lightweight. Typically, I end up toting around a briefcase or messenger bag that is mostly empty and too “heavy” for the convenience of lugging it around. I do it because it looks more professional, but these days, many business travelers carry backpacks. The Tortuga DayPack is purpose built for those that want to easily and neatly carry around daily necessities without toting a ton.

This bag is meant for those that want to carry a few essentials. It has soft, drawstring shoulder straps that I found ideal for carrying around lightweight things like bottled water, camera, guide book, and some snacks. Often, I find myself needing a smaller bag mid-trip, especially if I have a few leisure days in between business meetings. This serves the perfect purpose for a stylish and convenient day bag.

I love that it has comfortable shoulder straps, but still folds up into a compact ball that I can squeeze into any corner of my carry-on baggage. What is unique about this bag is that it does indeed have individual pockets for pens, keys, phones, and even a laptop. While not necessarily as padded as a standard messenger bag or laptop, it is the perfect lightweight balance for the conscientious business traveler.

Another important feature to note is that its mesh lining is airy enough to hold gym clothes for a few hours before needing a decent scrub or airing out! This makes it perfect for mid-day workouts.

Separate pockets for umbrellas, water bottles, and other necessities are notable extras. It should be noted that there is no padding in this bag, and valuables would be at risk for those that like to toss around their travel items.

Still, this bag has so many uses whether as a gym bag, beach bag, office bag, or just plain carry-on when those stingy, low-fare carriers weigh everything except your actual weight before boarding.

Tortuga has had this lightweight back under development for quite some time as other more popular Tortuga bags were taking shape within the consumer community. It is now ready and eagerly awaited by many that have placed a pre-order. Purchase it online from the Tortuga website for $54.

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