Tortuga Homebase Duffle Case

The Tortuga Homebase Duffle Case is right up my alley. As someone that doesn’t love to carry around a backpack, this provided all of the durability of the Tortuga Homebase Backpack, but in a more convenient fashion for my preferences.

I noticed that the slightly shiny exterior of the bag was both durable and weather-resistant (it’s actually made from sail cloth). So often, the bag’s fabrics mean that if you walk in the rain or have to check a bag at the airport that might be exposed to the elements, all of the contents get soaked, too. This lightweight bag saves you from that thanks to material similar to that of a raincoat.

Tortuga considers this to be a larger carryon, and I had no problem using this bag on flights within the United States and even abroad where they tend to be far more strict. Since the bag is soft on the outside, it can be shoved into airline sizers easily as long as it is not overstuffed. There are handles on the side, top, and bottom allowing you to grab the bag from any angle easily.

Even if you do pack it to the max, the padded, adjustable shoulder strap takes some of the weight pressure off. I was impressed with the high-quality zippers (it’s the worst when expensive bags have cheap zippers that can easily snag). Tortuga says that the Japanese YKK Zippers brand they use is one of the best.

I did notice that the outside material can scratch up easily if it gets snagged on corners or metal hooks, but while it frays, it is difficulty to puncture the bag completely. There is an external pocket for small items, as well, but I personally would be careful about storing valuables there since it seems easy to reach for pick pockets.

This impressive bag retails on the Tortuga website for $225 and is a solid investment for frequent travelers looking for durable bags that protects the contents from outside moisture.

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