Travel can be hectic on our body, our skin and our mood, but these health and wellness products can help. Frequent delays and staffing shortages have only added to the stress. That’s why when you travel this summer, what you pack can make a big difference. If you want to feel well when you arrive (and while you’re on the move), consider traveling with these top wellness products. They can improve the way you feel and look so that you are ready to enjoy wherever you’re going. It’s not just vacation time that matters, feeling great on a business trip is also key. Here are some of the top health and wellness products for summer travel.

Nuun Daily Hydration Tablets

bottlesNuun Daily Hydration is an effervescent tablet that you add to a glass or bottle of water for hydrating benefits (perfect before a flight). There are also a variety of new options that cater to different themes like immunity or vitamins. The tablets, which come in lots of different tasty flavors, include five essential electrolytes without sugar additives. Nuun recently introduced an “electrolyte scale,” based on sodium, chloride, and potassium levels, which allows people to customize the amount they want to consume when they travel. It is also ideal for post-workout rejuvenation and replenishment with bottle costing around $7.

FACTORFIVE travel sized skincare

skin serumHeal damaged, dry or sunburned skin via these travel-sized bottles of FACTORFIVE Skincare. They use ethically derived human stem cells to reboot the normal processes that our skin goes through. This regenerative serum packs a punch with the most beneficial ingredients that skin needs. After a long flight with dry airplane air, this series of products can make a big difference. In addition to the serum, there is also an anti-aging cream and eye/lash cream. They are free from harsh ingredients like parabens, sulfates and detergent. Even better, they come in TSA-friendly bottles that mean you can look and feel good when traveling.

Essential Skin Food

vitaminsEssential Skin Food is a capsule containing six plant-based, skin-nourishing compounds including Vitamin C, various amino acids and Cosmythic among others. Taken with a glass of water (best taken with food), it helps to plump up the skin. It also can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is designed to help boost collagen production and healthy cell-turnover while cleansing, firming and hydrating skin. It’s the perfect pair with a daily serum, and since it is not a liquid, it is easy to carry along when you travel. Improve your complexion with one daily vitamin, it’s that simple. Of course, consuming unhealthy things can damage your skin. Luckily, Essential Skin Food is a great pairing for those that travel frequently and want to look good.

FEND Breathe Better Spray

health and wellness productsWhether you spend a lot of time on airplanes, on trains or in office buildings, FEND Breathe Better Spray can help hydrate, clean and refresh the airways. Especially important at a time when we are concerned about what is in the air, FEND can help. It makes it more comfortable to breathe and feel energized. With just a spritz of this TSA-friendly bottle, you can open your airways and avoid breathing dry and dirty air. It’s all natural and drug-free with the effects lasting up to six hours. Using water and natural salts, it hydrates your airways. This includes your nose, sinuses and windpipe to better filter the air you breathe. You’ll keep dirty air from entering your lungs and feel better in the process with these health and wellness products.