Our Top 5 Woolrich Items For Your 2017 Closet – A Quick Review

We all have that one Aunt who sends Christmas gifts every year. Every year I would audibly protest receiving them and then the dreaded picture and thank you card.

Woolrich Women s Huckleberry II Thermal Pajama Set Blue Multi XS

  • Woolrich.
  • Womens Huckleberry II Thermal Pajama Set.

For a couple years, she would send Woolrich and, being the pretween I was, I could never muster the excitement for the presents like my mother. My mom, like most, was a smart woman! She would then “regift” these items to herself.

Fast Forward a couple decades and here we are with a beautiful box of Woolrich at my front door.

The products are beautiful and well made. Skeptical of the wool part of Woolrich, I quickly tried on the Women’s Huckleberry II Thermal Pajama set. The legs and wrists are finished with wide elastic bands that are not constricting but allow the leg to stay in place while sleeping.

Woolrich Huckleberry Thermal II Pajamas

Woolrich Huckleberry Thermal II Pajamas

The waffle knit fabric is light, which I prefer because I sleep hot. Aesthetically, the print is adorable and whimsical.

Pajamas aren’t meant to be serious… they are meant for comfort, coffee drinking and then usually wine drinking (in our house).

Now, to accompany those warm Huckleberry II Thermal Pajamas, I also tested out the Women’s Snowfall Valley Sherpa-lined Mittens.

I really should have titled this ‘I hate Being Cold’.

My girlfriends and I were off to an outdoor concert given by the one and only Cyndi Lauper when the forecast called for unusually colder temps in September.

I grabbed the mitten on the way out and was I ever thankful I did!

They are incredibly soft and cozy on the inside. I feel as if I gave them the real test… entrusting they could maintain the chilliness of my drink without freezing my hands.

Woolrich Women s Huckleberry II Thermal Pajama Set Blue Multi XS

  • Woolrich.
  • Womens Huckleberry II Thermal Pajama Set.

I am happy to announce that they passed this girl’s concert test! The snowflake design on the outside is attractive. My only suggestion for these is to order smaller than normal as they run big.

One of my FAVORITE items in the box of goodies is the Women’s Oxbow Bend Tunic Flannel Shirt. I received a small in the Old Red Buffalo print. At first, I was worried about looking too hipster in the print with its popularity with the ‘young kids’.  But, I should tell you, screw looking hipster! I LOVE this Oxbow Bend shirt and will find reasons to wear it multiple days in a row.

Woolrich Women's Oxbow Bend Tunic Flannel Shirt

  • 100% Boulder-Washed Cotton Chunky Flannel.
  • Button-Front Closure.
  • Bias-Cut Chest Pockets With Button-Closure Flaps.
  • Lower Hand-Warmer Pockets.
  • Adjustable Sleeve Cuffs.

Woolrich knocked it out of the park with this heavy weight flannel. My only grip is that it can be too relaxed of a cut…allowing one to eat more knowing they can hide the food baby.

Consider sizing down if you are on the cusp of a size. I love wearing this Woolrich shirt with leggings, ankle boots and my Vinyasa Scarf from LuLuLemon. The length on the shirt allows for optimum bum coverage when wearing the official pant of moms.

Woolrich also provided a Women’s Long Way Fringe Cardigan Sweater for traveling. Real travel, not those errands running days, which it works well for too.

The design is grown up without feeling O-L-D and safe (bring it hipsters). The cut allows for it to be worn perfectly with jeans or Woolrich’s Back Up Beauty Ponte Pants-Slim Fit. The high-low cut doesn’t provide enough bum coverage to wear with leggings.

The Long Way Fringe is warm and allows you to literally wrap yourself into on long cold flights or in the cold movie theatre while you are watching Trolls. Casual enough to wear traveling and while grabbing a quick drink with some girlfriends.

Along with that one Aunt, you might also have that one sibling. You know, the one who comes over to your house for a pizza night and ends up leaving with your Women’s Bur Basin Merino Wool Leggings because she has a fishing trip and she doesn’t want to be cold, either!

I am happy to report that while on her fishing trip she lived in the Bur Basin Merino Wool leggings and coordinating Bur Basin Merino Wool Long Sleeve Henley Shirt without being cold. Easily worn as a base layer and pajamas, its safe to say she is in love with them.

The Bur Basin line sports a moderate high waist, think material coverage without causing overheating and a slim fit to maintain a comfortable body temperature. An ideal base layer for skiing, fishing, snowman building or s’more making.

Looking into 2017’s line, I am excited to test out the Woolrich shoe line! Have you seen the mashup between Woolrich and Chuck Taylor?

Their Woolrich X Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Hiker is the bee’s knees! I’ve also had my eye on a parka or two of theirs and with record snowfall in our area this year, I can’t wait to get my hands, torso, neck and head into one.

Leah Guill

Leah specializes in women's outdoor sports as well as our new yoga and SUP focused sections. Her favorite travel accessory are the ones who can pack a punch, do double duty and make traveling with kids easier on everyone! She lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.