TMH5 Tilley hat review

Taking the best elements of their popular Airflo hat and using recycled fibers to mix up the look, this Tilley TMH5 Mash-up Hat stands out from the sea of other sun hats you’ll see in your travels.

We’re big fans of the Tilley brand here, joining half the traveling Canadian populace in singing its praises. We liked the Airflo so much that two of use reviewed it here (the organic cotton version) and here. I’ve also checked out a few others on trips to sunny places, including the Plaid Hat.

This mash-up hat really hits our eco-friendly buttons though because it’s made from materials that normally would just go in a landfill. Leftovers from the hemp and organic cotton piles are getting reused to make new hats that look pretty darn cool. And each one’s as unique as a snowflake.

mash-up hat recycled

Naturally you get high sun protection—the main reason I’m wearing one of these around Mexico right now—and if you get drizzled on like I did the water will bead up and run off unless it turns into a deluge. If the wind starts blowing really hard, it’s got removable string bands to tie under your chin. They’re reflective even if you need to be seen at night. Wearing a hat…

This TMH5 hat has a great mesh ventilation band along the top that lets the breeze flow through a bit and gives the heat coming off your noggin somewhere to go. It also comes with a little pocket in the top on the inside, like most Tilley hats, so you can stash a little cash there for emergencies or a trip to the nudist camp. (Seriously they’re a big hit with the clothing optional crowd.)

I usually subject the items I’m reviewing to all kinds of abuse to see how well they hold up and my years-old Airflow hat is not exactly looking like it did when it came out of the package. I haven’t had the heart to cram this one into my suitcase yet because it looks so pretty. It’s machine washable though, so once it gets too dirty or sweaty I’ll stop treating it with kid gloves. After all, Tilly hats come with a lifetime warranty—something unheard of from most other travel hat brands. They’ll even send you a little certificate showing you’ve managed to wear one out.

Get the Tilley Mash-up Hat in the TMH5 version at their stores in Canada or at the Tilley site —otherwise you can find it at Amazon. They also make a version with a wider brim if you want more protection.

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