Like most people, I’ve been taking up hobbies close to home during the past few months, including a newfound enjoyment of bike riding. I’ve had trouble finding a bike helmet that matches my sense of style (casual) while still providing all the comfort and features I need.

Thousand has so many helmets in vibrant colors, all with a simple but elegant design. I picked up one in the heritage line, which is a very rich, deep blue color. The Heritage Coastal helmet makes me feel like I’m coasting around the city streets of Italy or hitting the cliffside bike paths of Portugal again. I love that Thousand offsets 110 percent of the carbon emissions produced in the making of their products, and that they use vegan leather straps. Plus, each Heritage helmet features a one-handed magnetic fastener.

The Heritage line is minimalist yet has an integrated dial fit system to get the helmet adjusted just right, and a secret PopLock so you can lock your helmet securely with your bike. Access the hidden compartment¬† behind the logo mark, and pop your U-Lock or chain lock through. You get seven different vents to keep your head cool while working up a sweat, and the built-in visor is low profile, so it doesn’t get in the way of your field of vision (or your styling sunglasses). Plus, it’s super lightweight.

The Heritage helmet comes in 16 colors and patterns in S, M, and L for $89. There are also a line of skateboard helmets. I love that Thousand has a mission to foster a friendlier, more inclusive cycling community, where bikes are for everyone. They promote a diverse community, and I’m happy to give my two thumbs up!



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