Even in the depths of winter, I’m always thinking about spring. Don’t get me wrong, winter’s a perfectly fine season—I just have my favorites. And part of that is not having to wear lots of layers.


It also helps that with any vacation you take, you’re not necessarily held to a seasonal standard. I’m in summery places about half of my travels, so I can’t put a segment of my clothing into storage annually. And luckily, I’ve been in temperatures to reasonably test out the Carve Designs Liv Textured Top.


Made from water-preserving non-GMO organic cotton, the tank is ideal for any warm-weather destination. It’s a loose design with a square neck, smocking on the back band, and adjustable straps—a perfect clothing item when it’s hot and sticky out, and you don’t want to wear a form-fitting tank. Wear it for day or night, because the style is versatile enough to cover a variety of activities.


It’s noted as “bra friendly,” and I tried it with a couple of different bras, so I could assess that the thicker tank straps indeed cover the bra straps well enough. It’ll certainly depend on the style of the bra, though. And an important note: The organic cotton fabric is fairly sheer, which is great for keeping cool, but sub-optimal when you’re not bra-inclined.


The tank feels delicate, but you can easily machine wash cold and tumble dry low for cleaning. Be sure to use only a cool iron if you need a crisp look. I’ve also washed it in the hotel sink and let air dry, which works just as well.


The Liv Textured Top comes in basic black, as well as seasonal print versions: jade and ditsy. It lists for $62 on the Carve Designs site.

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