What do we want? No Misquitos! How are we going to get it? Thermacell Radius!

Travelers unite! Thermacell has developed a lithium ion battery powered mosquito repellant that is air travel friendly. Voted Best Camping Gear by our friends at Outside Magazine, we quickly agreed.

Having Type 0 blood leaves me far more susceptible to mosquito bites. I really wish it was my addiction to sour gummy worms and if I could just kick it, the mosquitos would leave me alone.

During the late spring through the early fall, I am battling those little buzzers day and night. Huckleberry picking and sleeping is when they really get to me. Since I am not in constant movement during these times, they have able opportunities to land and suck me dry.

Thermacell introduced Practical Travel Gear to the Raduis at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver this last summer. The product immediately became mine.

The Thermacell Radius operates on the previously mentioned Lithium Ion battery and can be packed into your check in baggage. The Radius will work at an elevation and is available with a 12 or 40-hour refill that is sold separately. Each charge of the battery will provide the user with 6 hours of run time.

If the battery power is empty, you can charge the battery from a portable charger (check out our favorites) and the Thermacell Radius will even repel mosquitos while being charged.

Thermacell Raduis takes a couple minutes to warm up the scent free pod. Once warmed, the Raduis will create a mosquito shield that is an area of 110 square feet. That’s a lot of area to cover from a little black box. The Radius itself can fit into the palm of your hand.

The Thermacell Radius Repeller can be put into three modes:

·      Lock for Travel

·      Unlocked- for regular use at the campsite, porch, etc.

·      Timer for automatic shut-off.

Don’t worry about engaging the refill in the Radius and then having to pack up and move sites or jump a plane, it is spill proof. The refills will run you about $8.00 for the 12 hour and $20 for the 40 hour. When you compare the cost of the refills to purchasing DEET Insect repellants for a trip, your cost is basically the same. The true difference is that the Radius is not applied to your skin. Therefore, chemicals are not entering your system through your body’s first line of defense.

The refills are DEET-Free, scent free and the Radius doesn’t omit a sound when in use. It may be difficult to trust that the Radius is working the first time you use it. Trust me when I say there will be a significant decrease in pests while you are relaxing.

The setup and use is incredibly intuitive. Our small children set it up for us while we were unloading the car. Simply remove the cover, insert the repellent cartridge, close the cover and push the one button on the front. Set it and forget it!

Radius one button control

Where Can I Use It?

Radius is perfect for the backyard/patio area, campsites, sporting events, mountain tops, mountain sides (huckleberry picking), boats and streamside. If you have a camper or an RV, I would highly suggest having this powerful yet compact Radius stored in it.

Radius for Home and Travel?

We live close to a few bodies of water and this year when the mosquitos were tested, they tested positive for West Nile. The area they tested is only 3 miles from our house. Proof you don’t need to be in the backcountry to be exposed to infected insects.

Whats in the box: Radius

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 rechargeable Radius Repeller
  • 1 12-hour refill
  • 1 USB battery charger

What Would I Change?

Cell Phone integration for control when you are returning to a campsite. The Glamper in me would love to set the Radius up so I can turn it on as we head back from the trailhead and return to an already mosquito free zone.

Thermacell Radius and the corresponding refills are available on their website as well as Amazon.com. Currently the Radius is not available in California.

On the go? Check out our reviews of mosquito products for hiking or consider Thermacell’s portable options.

Safe Travels!