If you travel a lot and have been looking for an easy to carry, lightweight, and extremely effective way to charge your cell phone or other mobile electronic devices while on the go, then your search is over. The Powerfilm Solar LightSaver USB Roll-up Solar Charger and Battery Bank is the perfect solution. I am a professional nature photographer and literally travel all over the world. Often times I find myself in extremely remote areas that do not even come close to having a permanent shelter, let alone an electrical source that can be used to charge the batteries on my electronic devices. In the past, I must have tried every other so-called portable solution, but they either did not work well or could not stand up to the rough and tumble conditions that I put them through.


Thankfully, a colleague told me about the Powerfilm Solar LightSaver USB Roll-up Solar Charger and Battery Bank. At first, I was skeptical. I did not think it would be much better than the other junk I had purchased in the past but figured it would be worth a try. As soon as I opened the package, I could tell that it was a quality product. It was sturdy, yet lightweight so I had some high hopes. I will say that this product did not disappoint. I took it on a seventeen-day trip to the Kalahari Desert in Africa. It was so easy to carry both on the airplane, and in the bush once I arrived. I simply attached the device to my backpack and let the sun do its thing. Each night there was plenty of solar power to charge each and every one of my electronic devices, including my cameras. It only takes about six hours of full sunlight to completely charge the battery pack. I highly recommend this product to anyone who travels and needs an easy to use way to charge his or her mobile device batteries.

The Powerfilm Solar LightSaver USB Roll-up Solar Charger and Battery Bank on Amazon for only $96.42. Shipping was free.

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