Teva Multi Performance Shoes/ Sandals Review

The best thing about sandals and flip-flops in the summer is that they are easy to slip on, they are easy to wear, and they pretty much go with anything, from a pair of shorts to a flowy sundress. However, we all know that flip-flops are also super uncomfortable. For those sandal seekers who are looking for the best of both worlds, I highly recommend the Teva Multi Performance Shoes/ Sandals.

They are comfortable, functional, fashionable and are even water proof, making hiking through water a snap. You can also wear socks with these shoe / sandals without the guilt!

Teva Women's Sunkosi 2 Performance Shoe
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Teva Women's Sunkosi 2 Performance Shoe

  • Mesh and synthetic.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Perfect for hiking through water.

The Sunkosi 2 model is more shoe than sandal, with mesh fabric that completely covers the foot. So they look more like regular sneakers until you get up close and see how they’re constructed.

They work great in the water though, with the liquid draining out through the mesh and through openings in the bottom of the shoe. Ironically, hers seemed to dry out faster than my sandal-construction Omniums, perhaps because there is less fabric-covered velcro to hold the moisture.

These amphibious shoes still conform well to your foot though, with a single pull lacing system pulling in straps on the side in addition to laces on the top. The whole system works well wet or dry, walking around a city or wading through a stream.

Since the mesh on these covers the whole foot and the laces pull everything snug around your foot, you don’t get lots of pebbles in them like you do with the sandal versions.

These are quality shoes that are well constructed. They still look great after two months of city walking, trail hiking, beach-to-boat wading, and stream fjording. We tossed them in the washing machine when we got back from our trip and they look almost new now.

The Sunkosi 2 lists for a hundred bucks, but sometimes you can find it on sale, as in $70 when I checked at This time of year is usually a good one for buying water shoes as retailers are moving them out to make room for more wintry gear.

They come in two different colors, though the names of those are less than helpful. The one at the top is called “walnut” and the ones to the left are called “arctic.”

Teva Omnium Sandals for Men

Teva Men's Omnium Sandal
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Teva Men's Omnium Sandal

  • Leather/Fabric.
  • Imported.
  • Athletic sandal featuring enclosed toebox for protection, pull-cord lacing system for stability, and quick-release buckle for ease.
  • Microban zinc-based odor-resistant treatment.
  • Encapsulated shock-absorbing ShocPad technology.

Up for some river rafting, kayaking, or walking through rocky streams? Beachcombing or just strolling along cobblestone streets? These Teva Omnium sandals can do it all and leave your feet feeling fine at the end of the day.

One key to packing well is to bring plenty of double-duty items along. The Teva Omnium sandals go well beyond “double,” to the point where they can be your main pair of shoes in multiple situations.

Yes, I have taken them on plenty of adventure activities: kayaking, hiking, swimming through a dark cave river in Belize, and snorkeling from a cenote to the ocean in the Yucatan. But I’ve also worn them for days on end just bopping around town and going to the beach.

Teva wrote the book on strap-on adventure sandals that can perform like shoes. Part of the reason their shoes are so comfortable is the series of patented strap systems they have built into each model.

There’s no sliding or flopping around in this footwear: each pair really does conform to your feet, even if they’re a bit wider or narrower than the standard D-width. With this model you can kind of set the sizing up and then forget about it. You unclip and clip them to take them off and on and your adjustment stays intact.

There are all kinds of features making these special, from the “Spider Rubber” soles that grip rocks well when climbing to the zinc-treated Microban odor control system. The first worked very well, the second just so-so.

The drawback of sandals that are comfy enough to feel like fabric shoes is that the uppers can get as wet and soggy as shoes and they take a few hours to dry out in ideal conditions. So they’re prone to get mildewy (and yes, smelly) if you’re in a damp mountain area as I was for a while on this last trip.

The other drawback inherent in these Teva sandals and all the knock-offs that came after them is that they tend to trap every rock, pebble, and grain of sand that comes along. Since they are closed at both the toe and the heel, there’s nowhere for all the solids to drain out with the water.

That’s a tradeoff you have to make though: comfort and a great fit all the time in exchange for having to take them off and dump them out now and then when you’re hiking through a stream.

The Teva Omnium performance sandals list for $80. I’ve worn them almost every day for two months solid on the road and they still feel and look great. Under less strenuous conditions, these ventilated adventure shoes should last for years of weekend outings.