Especially when I sleep, I tend to run hot both at home and when I travel. When I discover a hotel has ceiling fans or excellent air conditioning, it’s a definite win. That is why Woolroom bedding was especially intriguing because it is temperature regulating and moisture wicking making it easier to rest well without being warm.

While this type of bedding is great when you travel, it is even better to have while at home. Wool can be more comfortable than down, especially in warmer months, and these comforters and pillows unzip so you can remove some of the wool contents in warmer seasons and put them back in during cooler months. That is flexibility that not a lot of bedding products can offer.

Cool, calming comfort

They come in four weights meaning you can regulate the level of covering you want. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and completely chemical free, too. Since it is “naturally breathing,” it helps you regulate body temperature staying warm when you want. Wool buffers the temperature outside your body, which is what keeps sheep so comfortable in different settings, too. Cotton, down and other synthetic fibers do not have the same regulating qualities.

WoolroomWhen I opened the box (the sets come designed around the specific bedding you have like king, queen or twin), the pillows and comforters come sealed in a fabric bag with zipper and handle. It was such a clever way to keep them clean in transit without using plastic. It also means that you can empty out any unwanted wool into the zippered bag when not in use and store easily in a closet. That was clever thinking.

While you sleep, wool bedding can absorb up to 30 percent moisture without feeling wet. That is another way that sheep are not uncomfortable when they get in a little rain drizzle. Cotton fabrics do not have the same capability, and they can feel damp with just a little moisture. Wool fibers absorb moisture and release it back into the air so it does not linger on you leaving you uncomfortable. Since it resists moisture, that means mold and mildew are not a problem either.

Easy to manage

I found the comforter to be so perfect as it kept me warm enough when getting into bed with the fan whirling. Instead of waking up sweating later, I slept longer and never felt overly warm. Obviously, each person has a different inner temperature gauge. I liked that I could remove more wool (or add some) if it was not ideal for sleeping at my preferred temperature.

The fact that they are machine-washable makes it a breeze to keep them clean and fresh. For the pillows, you can also unzip them and fluff up the wool inside to assure that it stays evenly divided and does not form plumper pockets in certain corners or sides. This is my biggest complaint with feather pillows as they get flat in some places and too plump in others.

Before Woolroom products arrive to your door, they already cleaned without using harsh chemicals or bleaches. It was interesting to see the wool inside the pillow. This reminded me of what I have seen in Scotland and New Zealand. The wool is not perfectly white, which means it has not been bleached or cleaned with harsh chemicals. Natural wool is extremely durable, which means it will last longer, too.

Woolroom bedding is available on its website starting at around $300 with sale pricing. Alternatively, you can build your own ideal bedding package for your home. These make great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts. It’s also a great gift for graduates moving into their own new place.

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