Tarp + tapestry = Tarpestry! This creative company is making multi-use tarps that are pretty enough to be displayed. Perfect for camping trips, #vanlife, road tripping, and at-home use, these beautiful tarps are rugged and serve multiple purposes.

I’ve used mine as a water-resistant picnic blanket, as a tablecloth at the campground, as a sunshade, and as a floor mat. It can also protect against the elements, become your new concert blanket once concerts are a thing again, or be used as a pet mat. I’m thinking of getting another one to lay across the back seat of the van for the dogs and kids, though by the way, they do also make dog bed duvet covers.

Each tarp from Tarpestry is water-resistant, spill-resistant, rugged, and comes with grommets so you can easily hang it, stake it down, or suspend it with rope, as needed. You can opt from a variety of sizes and colors/patterns. For instance, their Classic Tarpestry is 7.5′ x 4.75′ and weighs 4 pounds. It comes with four grommets included, but you can opt to customize this. It also has a corner pocket, perfect for keys, a phone, or sunscreen, with velcro closure. It’s 100% pre-shrunk cotton and the fabric is silk-screen printed by hand. Pick from five patterns for $149.

Their Rugged style, which is what I reviewed at campgrounds, is water-resistant on BOTH sides, and still comes in fun patterns and colors. It’s the same size and weight as the Classic, and starts at $177. They also make Epic styles, which have even more vibrant and artistic patterns, and come in a variety of sizes, and the Mini, which is 4.5′ x 3′.

You can add aluminum stakes, a carry strap, or bungee to your order, but we’ve found it’s easy enough to roll the Tarpestry up and carry it anywhere. We use standard tent stakes to ensure it stays in place while camping. Pick up a Tarpestry for your next outdoor or road trip adventure!



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