Tarpestry Playfully Fills Your Space With Art

Tarpestry is a new brand that combines fun, colorful prints with rugged fabric to create the ultimate in outdoor mats. Available in Classic, Rugged, Epic and even a dog duvet cover, Tarpestry has made their entrance in the outdoor gear scene and it is beautiful!

We have a rugged Tarpestry in the Leopard print. As a family of 4 and one cat-like black lab (who can’t be bothered to lay on the bare ground) the rugged was the most appropriate version for our family. Constructed from Tarpestry’s standard UV protection and water resistant material, the outdoor mat has withstood our family’s test of pool time, camping, lakeside lounging, water park sticky treats and has earned a permanent spot in our gear box.

The Rugged Tarpestry is about 4 pounds in weight so I wouldn’t bring it with backpacking. If you are interested in the lighter weight Tarpestry, take a look at the mini. It weighs in at 2 pounds. The 4 pound is perfect for your sprinter van or car camping adventures.

Versatile Tarp

Each corner has a grommet for staking to the ground or hanging up at your base camp, on the boat or at the shore for some shade. Tarpestry sells aluminum stakes and these awesome bungee cords on their site. The bungee cords are only $4.99 and allow you to secure your Tarpestry to trees, vehicles, tents, etc with ease. The only problem we have found with tying our Tarpestry up is that people come to see it and ask about it, so you may not get the privacy you were looking for. However, with awesome gear like Tarpestry, you should expect to get compliments and find it your duty to spread the word of epic gear.

Concealed pocket

Bungees and stakes can easily be stored in the velcro pocket in the lower corner when not in use. The pocket is large enough to fit a phone, wallet and wet wipes. I really appreciate how the pocket blends in so I can feel comfortable leaving items in it if we step away to play.

Plush Construction

With the addition of additional layer of fabric in the Rugged style of Tarpestry, it is almost plush! I love laying out on it after swimming or snacking and drinking wine. After a day of fun and 1039480245 snacks, we spray it down with the hose and air dried it. Sand from the lake falls away and doesn’t stick like traditional blankets and towels.

Tarpestry has become so much more than an outdoor mat for our family. It is a place to sun bathe and talk about the day, to stargaze, a blanket to wrap up in when it is cold, a wrestling mat and a gathering place for our family. I honestly would never have expected an outdoor mat to help facilitate so much family time.

Fun Fabrics

Tarpestry’s prints are as unique as their customers and just as fabulous. In the Classic model there are two prints that are 3-D and 3-D glasses are available for purchase on the website. How fun is that!?! I love a company that makes great gear but doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Tarpestry has a custom build out if you want to showcase your own artwork… OR! This could be an epic board game opportunity! You could create a board game along the lines of Candyland, Twister or Shoots and Ladders and have it printed so it is always with you. That would be great for a family gift. Or what about a giant maze? Bring washable markers and now you have a large canvas for creativity.

Tarpestry has a 4.5′ square size that I think would make for a great outdoor movie screen. The back side of the Tarpesty is solid so you wouldn’t distort the picture with the print. I could make a list of 100 ideas and uses for Tarpestry.

Where To Buy

We recommend these for families, outdoor enthusiasts, concert goers, sport fans and backyard loungers. Classic Tarpestry retails for around $150, Rugged for around $180 and the Mini for $88. All models are available on the Tarpestry website.


Leah Guill

Leah specializes in women's outdoor sports as well as our new yoga and SUP focused sections. Her favorite travel accessory are the ones who can pack a punch, do double duty and make traveling with kids easier on everyone! She lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.

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