Talus High Road Car Coat Hanger

Ever needed to hang your jacket in your car with a full back seat even with passengers or cargo? Using the car’s coat hook can block the window for passengers trying to look out. It can also block your view if you’re trying to look to the far side from behind you and see what’s out your window.

The same goes for when stopping by the laundromat, and there are too many things to hang on just one car hook above the back seat door window. That’s why the High Road Headrest Coat Hanger is such a brilliant and simple idea. It allows you to keep your coat or a change of clothes looking excellent with zero wrinkles without blocking the window of backseat passengers. It’s one of those items that you scratch your head at how simple is and think…why didn’t I come up with that idea first?

Since I really loathe things that are complicated to install or put together, I found the High Road Headrest Coat Hanger to be incredibly easy to hook onto the driver’s (or passenger’s seat, why not?). The flexible steel frame easily hooks onto a seat and has an adjustable arm so that it perfectly fits your car seat and what you’re trying to hang.

Women will especially appreciate this for silk blouses, skirts, or trousers that can get wrinkled in no time. If your clothes get damp in the rain, this is another way to allow them to hang and dry thoroughly as you travel. Since it fits evenly between the headrest posts, it stays secure without jostling around if you’re driving over any bumps.

This is great for business travelers, sales people, or anyone that wants to look good when they arrive at their destination. I found that this device fits easily into my carry-on bag without taking up to much space. This means that when I travel, I can pull it out whether in a rental car or other form of transportation to hang my jacket. This has saved me countless hours hanging clothes in the bathroom while the hot shower was steaming up the space in hopes that wrinkles will dissolve away.

One annoyance with typical coat hangers is that the metal wires can easily bend or droop with the weight of what you’re trying to hang. This hanger has sturdy metal bars that do not bend no matter what the weight. I used it to hang a dress shirt, a tie, and a blazer all in place (one complete outfit that saved me extra space in my bag).

This replaces me folding my jacket in half and placing it on the passenger seat next to me (where everything from dust to dog hair can get to it). By hanging it up, I even have the option to wrapping a dry cleaning plastic cover over it so that if I were traveling with a dog or through a dusty area, I would not need to worry about anything getting on my hanging clothes. You can even hang a pair of pants over the bottom bar while hanging a shirt and jacket over the outline. A complete outfit that looks great is hanging right behind me while I drive!

High Road is know for creating all kinds of helpful devices for the car that make traveling easier. None is that expensive, which means they make great gifts for friends, family, and even co-workers. The High Road Headrest Coat Hanger retails for $20 on the High Road website. I am excited to see what other creative devices this company will think of next!


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