Takeya: Personalize Your Hydration in 2019

Created in 2008, Takeya water bottles was established when 5 years of Japanese design and innovation came together to produce what is known today as the bottle that invites you to bring your heat.

Purposely created for the active lifestyle, Takeya has proven itself as a formidable foe against dehydration. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from the Actives Kids (14 ounces) to the bold and beautiful 64 ounce Actives Insulated Water Bottle.

While you might be bored with the influx of insulated water bottles on the market, I know we can make the case for Takeya and the reason it should be your go-to water bottle.

We are a Takeya House

Recently, I purchased a new car and without really thinking about it, I never put my water bottle or daily coffee mug into the cup holders before we bought it. Now, while it has all the safety ratings and bell and whistles I could ever ask for in a car that my kids and dogs are going to destroy, I didn’t think about the simplest thing… my water bottle holder. When we got home, I was really upset! Between sports, work and children, liquids of all kinds are a must. This car has 19 cup holders and none of them would securely hold my coveted drinkware.

Enter Takeya with all the fan faire you can. It is the ONLY water bottle of substantial volume that fit into the cup holder easily.

Protection From Damage

The Takeya insulated water bottles come with a silicone bottom to protect not only the bottle from damage but your surfaces as well. For me, the silicone bottom is essential when I am getting my fluids ready in the morning. The steel insulated water bottle against granite is a sound that resembles nails on a chalkboard for me. The silicone also helps to protect the sides of the car and treadmill cup holders.

With the innovative spout lid on the Takeya water bottle, I have attached a carabiner and my water bottle often is secured to the outside of my back pack or cross-body. The silicone bottom has saved my car from many digs on the exterior while I load groceries, children or unload the gear for our next adventure.

Patented Lid

The handle on the lid is incredibly strong and can withstand a lot of abuse from everyone in this family. I love that it is ergonomic to the fingers for times you need to carry it for a long period. The spout lid also articulates smoothly on the joint and is dishwasher safe. The spout lid comes in 4 colors so you can personalize your Takeya insulated water bottle.

Calling all moms! The lid to your kid’s Takeya will fit your Takeya bottle and yours will fits your husbands Takeya bottle. The spout lid is designed to fit all water bottles. No more searching through all the lids to (fingers crossed) find the right one.

I am also the Queen of leaving my water bottle at the gym, work, stores, etc. So I have attached a Cube tracking device to it.

Personalization through color is also available with the silicone bumpers. There are 10 colors for the Takeya bumpers!

What I Love

I really do love the personalization aspect of the Takeya. Who doesn’t want a bright purple bottle with teal bumpers!?! However, it is the technical aspects that keep me coming back to this bottle. My ice water stays cold for over 48 hours (this is the longest I have left it) and the interior doesn’t harbor smells or flavors from previous drinks.

I also appreciate the fact that Takeya has taken the time create a store with all the replacement pieces. Losing the silicone rings to the spout lid is a real bummer and I don’t have time in my day to call in and order replacement pieces with a representative after finding the item number and being on hold with a robot calling system. Who does? With one click I can order replacement rings and they are under $4.00. Win, win.

What I Would Change

Selfishly, I would just love the whole bottle to be dishwasher safe.

Takeya insulated water bottles are perfect for the whole family, even Grandma. With prices ranging from $19.99 to $55 you can bring home a water bottle that suits you AND fits in the car’s cup holder!

Takeya is available on their website and a small selection can also be found on Amazon.com. Welcome to the Takeya family. We’re glad you’re here.

Safe Travels!

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