Andiamo Elegante 28” Hard Side Spinner Luggage

Andiamo is known for its high-quality luggage, and it has a strong reputation among frequent travelers. I have become a huge fan of spinner luggage, which makes it easy to push luggage around thanks to four wheels that move in all directions. That’s why I was especially interested in this bag.

The Andiamo Elegante 28” Hard Side Spinner bag has a great hard shell exterior that stands out from the rest thanks to a wavy exterior that comes in a variety of colors. In fact, this bag comes in different shapes and sizes including the option for a carry-on bag and a larger checked bag. The attractive façade of the bag makes it easy to spot on the luggage carousel and also keeps others from mistaking it for their own bag.

The sturdy handle on the top and side of the bag help to make it easy to grab it from the trunk of a car or lift up to a luggage rack in your hotel room. The bag’s frame is crafted from an aluminum magnesium material that is especially sturdy without weighing too much. With that said, the bag does weigh nearly 13 pounds empty, which can steal some tonnage from those wanting to max out the weight limit of airlines when checking a bag.

Locks on the bag are TSA-compliant and keep sticky fingers from easily reaching into the bag. But, back to my favorite feature of the bag: its wheels. Eight wheels (two per corner) are heavy-duty allowing them to be rolled across rough surfaces that may have gravel or cobblestone or even in carpeted airport terminals where friction can be a traveler’s worst enemy.

Inside the bag, there are zippered compartments to keep small items safe and straps that can keep clothes, like a business suit, from wrinkling easily. The interior space is immense giving overpackers some leeway. I really like the way this bag glides easily from its extended handle, even when full, and the variety of colors and styles will appeal to a wide audience.

It retails for just under $300 on various websites including eBags.