5tar Cabin Trolley Bag

For protection, the 5tar cabin trolley bag has a TSA-approved lock, and its four spinner wheels make it simple to roll through the airport or down the sidewalk.

Plane Tags by MotoArt

Actual pieces of retired aircraft fuselage were used to make these. Each tag shows off the color, thickness, and even wear and tear from the piece of the plane where the tag came from. As a result, there are no two tags that are alike since they all come from various parts of the fuselage with the imperfections and wear of their life in the sky.

Andiamo Elegante 28” Hard Side Spinner Luggage

The Andiamo Elegante 28” Hard Side Spinner bag has a great hard shell exterior that stands out from the rest thanks to a wavy exterior that comes in a variety of colors. In fact, this bag comes in different shapes and sizes including the option for a carry-on bag and a larger checked bag. The attractive façade of the bag makes it easy to spot on the luggage carousel and also keeps others from mistaking it for their own bag.