For years, I have loved sporting my SWIMS shoes at the beach, around the pool, or even on a casual workday. They are the type of preppy style that earns plenty of compliments and are some of my favorite shoes. So when I learned that SWIMS makes other products like dopp kits, tote bags, and towels among other things, I was eager to try them out.

The navy SWIMS carry-all tote bag is great for all the same times when I would wear my SWIMS shoes. The durable, nylon fabric is water-resistant meaning I don’t have to worry if someone splashes water on the bag containing my iPad or reading materials. It has leather handles and convenient interior pockets for storing away valuables like money and keys so that they are easy to find quickly.

Another thing I like about SWIMS products is that the branding is very subtle. Nothing can ruin the look of a trendy bag more than overtly obvious logos. This bag has a minimalist, monochrome look that comes in various colors and is soft enough to fold up if you want to stuff it into a larger suitcase. I found that this is the perfect carry-on bag for longer trips where I might bring home a lot of souvenirs and need to expand my luggage limit.

You will notice that most people check out your bag when you’re walking around the beach as others have cheap or fabric bags. This actually looks more like a leather tote from far away so style seekers will have a hey day with this one. It retails for $140 on the SWIMS website and comes in a variety of colors like most SWIMS products.

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