Swann DriveEye Ultra Portable 3MP HD Vehicle Recorder
  • Vehicle safety system protects you from fraudulent insurance claims.
  • See every detail including license plates with Super HD 3 Megapixels.
  • Download the free DriveEye Ultra app to control advanced features.
  • Connect to your home Wi-Fi network & use the cloud setting to view live footage remotely.
  • Record footage & audio to Micro SD (takes up to 64GB, not included).

Lest you think you are the latest new hire at the police academy, business travelers have many uses for this type of small camera. For me, it has exceptional use as a security device on the road since I travel so frequently.

It is extremely small making it undetectable to the eye when in use. While it is probably not appropriate to film people without their consent, it does come in handy while finagling with a taxi driver, shopkeeper, or other type of on-the-spot deal that you might need to replay.

The uses of the camera are endless, especially since it has a dashboard mount that allows it to stay in place and record driving situations when in the car. This puts it beyond the scope of even the average business traveler and makes it usable for everyone from carpooling moms to keeping an eye on kids or pets.

A 120-degree wide angle lens pans a large surface area. The camera and video recorder offer a 3 megapixel capture and video compression technology to allow for a longer capture time (as many as 2,000 minutes) or repeat looping of the recording. An internal sensor can detect collisions or heavy bumps to prevent recordings from overlapping. Some of my friends use this as a camera to record video while driving (for example, when on a recent safari), and it created some fantastic content to watch again later.

There is also an automatic video stabilization feature to keep bumpy videos from appearing to grainy.
It is easy to transfer data from the camera to a cell phone or laptop (or also via the memory card, which is similar to a digital camera). Other ports allow automatic playback on a television, and movie maker buffs can even attach it to a tripod to record steady video. Embedded wifi capability allows users to stream recorders over an Internet signal.

Even if it is not connected to power, there is a lithium ion battery to record remotely (especially important for those on the go) that can last as much as four hours. This clever camera retails for $180 at the Swann website or on Amazon.