Each spring, we go through the drawers and make sure we have an inventory of hiking socks for the summer months. Obviously, we use these wool socks for hiking in, but we also use them for adventure travel, family vacations, and everyday use. Why? Wool and hybrid hiking socks wick moisture, keep feet cool, and are tough enough to last the summer. Here are some favorites we tested out this spring:

Bridgedale socks:

bridgedaleI wasn’t familiar with Bridgedale until this spring. I’m so glad I’m acquainted with them now, because their Trekker Jr quickly became my 12-year-old’s favorite sock. The Trekker Jr is a wool blend, made of wool, nylon, and Endurofil, which made them feel a little less ‘intense’ in the thick wool department for my son. He liked that they felt softer and stretchier than some of the wool socks already in his closet. The Trekker comes in colors that will appeal to both boys and girls, and has a three-year guarantee, a nice feature of Bridgedale.

We also tried out the men’s Trailhead sock, which was also a hit, this time with the teens. It’s a 3/4 crew sock, which they appreciate as they like a minimalist look, and like the Trekker, it’s a blend that feels soft on the foot. The Trailhead comes in two colors, but there are also more specialized socks to pick from, such as running specific socks and multi-sport.

Hi-Tec socks:

We’ve long been fans of Hi-Tec, which makes affordable, quality boots, shoes, and socks for everyone in the family. When kids jump through shoe and sock sizes as quickly as mine do, we need a brand like Hi-Tec! For the teens, we are loving the cushioned boot socks for travel, as they work equally well with hiking boots, cowboy boots, and ski boots. Since we travel to all types of climates, we need socks that can provide comfort with just about every type of shoe.

hi-tecFor women, the Hi-Tec performance hiking socks are super affordable at only $19 for a two pack on Amazon, and they are crew-length, so I can pull them up to protect my ankles when wearing hiking pants (necessary in our area with snakes and poison oak). When I travel, I usually have a pair or two in my bag, because the performance hiking socks are great for the airplane: not only do my feet stay warm in cold airplane cabins, but the arch support and slight compression helps my circulation. The more casual comfort lifestyle socks are even less for a two-pack, and feature spandex and a smooth toe seam so they are comfortable with multiple shoe types.

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