There are scarf people, and there are no-scarf people. Even if you’re not down with the lengthy fabric, there’s no disputing that some kind of fabric around your neck can keep you warmer in cold conditions.

But long scarves aren’t always easy to bring along when traveling. Check out the North x North Merino Wool Kerchief for a smaller solution.

The kerchief is made from 100% superfine jersey-knit Australian merino wool that’s ethically sourced from non-mulesed or ceased-mulesed farms, then sustainably dyed with 40% less water than conventional dyeing.

What is that word: mulesed? It’s a practice of cutting away skin folds near a lamb’s buttocks, using shears similar to garden shears, when the lambs are 6-12 weeks old. It’s performed on approximately 70% of merino lambs in Australia.

The 42-inch x 42-inch merino square weighs only 6.3 ounces and is easy to tuck into your small bag or keep in your vehicle for those times when you feel unprepared for cold temperatures.

The kerchief is soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture wicking, water repellent, wind resistant, and is ideal for all-season insulation.

One of the greatest things about the Merino Wool Kerchief is its many uses. Don’t only think of it as a scarf, neckerchief, or mask—consult the company’s website to learn the full extent of the kerchief’s versatility, which includes a hood, bottle carrier, and sling.

When it comes time to clean the kerchief, just machine wash warm in wool detergent, but don’t use any bleach. Line dry it or toss it in the dryer with gentle cycle air but no heat. You can use an iron (steam or dry) and it’s also dry cleanable.

The Merino Wool Kerchief comes in eight colors: black, charcoal, indigo, commando, gray marl, stone, cayenne, and flame. It lists for $65 on the North x North site.