Stay organized with Bagsmart Small Travel Cable Organizer

When you travel, where do you stash your charger cables? There’s one for the laptop, one for the phone, one for the camera. What about spare camera batteries, SD cards, or a micro charger in case you’re not around an outlet and you need juice?

Traveling with electronics may be convenient, but you’re taking a lot more than just a laptop, phone, camera, or tablet when you go. All the accessories you need can easily get lost in corners of bags, that one pocket you thought you’re remember, or even fall out when you’re rummaging for your passport.

What you need is the Bagsmart Small Travel Cable Organizer.

I thought I was already pretty organized with my cables, batteries, and cards, keeping them all in an old packing cube. But this organizer makes things a lot easier.

The bag measures 9.4 inches long x 6.7 inches wide x 1.4 inch high. It’s made of water-repellent nylon, and the padded covers are fairly well padded. And the bag’s two-way zipper closure means you can access things quickly.

It’s got five small slip-resistant elastic loops for storing items like earbuds and cables, and two large elastic loops for longer cables. There’s also one zippered mesh pocket and five elasticized mesh segments for organizing accessories. And finally, there’s a custom SD card pouch to keep SD cards safe.

Once I started using this bag, I can’t imagine going back to my old method. Think of all the times you’ve had to dig for your charging cable or power adapter. Having them all in one place lets you save your time for more important things while on the road.

The Bagsmart Small Travel Cable Organizer comes in black, gray, blue, teal, and rose, and lists for $19.99 at Amazon.


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